Essays on Give A Brief Definition Of Nursing Research And Evidenced-based Research. Explain Differences And Coursework

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Nursing Research and Evidence Based Research Nursing Research and Evidence Based Research Evidence based research in nursing involves the use of already available evidence to establish the knowledge on a certain issue. It is mainly applied to link the past with the present which is crucial in addressing the issues arising in any health set up. This can include getting the data in a certain hospital and check for the prevalence of a certain disease and how it has been possible or impossible to handle it with the available resources. Nursing research involves going to the field and collecting data which is then processed before coming to a certain conclusion.

For instance in addressing the prevalence of a disease like pneumonia in a locality one can go to various hospitals and homesteads getting the information from the parents and doctors and then using the information one can be come up with a conclusion that can be used to better the way a certain problem is being addressed. It also involves visiting the literature in that field to see has been done already and show the relevance of your research (Health Leaders Media, n.d). The two approaches have a similarity in that they are both aimed at improving the way the problems in the nursing set up are addressed.

This could be a certain disease or the challenges the nurses are facing while executing their duties. Another similarity is that both rely on the already present information to set a strong argument or a foundation of the research (Health Leaders Media, n.d). This involves a look on the literature available and the information present in hospitals to come up with a factual argument.

They also borrow a lot from each other and they are usually used as one. The major difference lies in the way each of them addresses the problem as lies in their definition. ReferenceHealth Leaders Media. (n. d). Evidence Based Practice and Nursing Research: Avoid Confusion. Available at. < http: //www. healthleadersmedia. com/page-1/nrs-245879/EvidenceBased-Practice- and-Nursing-Research-Avoiding-Confusion>

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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