Essays on Globalisation, the Use of the Internet as a Research Tool Essay

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The paper "Globalisation, the Use of the Internet as a Research Tool" is an outstanding example of a business essay.   The article, globalization reader is relatively accurate in its description of the globalization process and supplies the reader with a variety of essays on the topic. It also gives a highlight of some groups that are against the process of globalization along with their activities. The article describes some of the reasons that lead these groups to oppose the process (Lechner and Boli, 2004). The authors did include the latest essays and studies on the topic.

The article brings an international spotlight into the process of globalization. It also offers the views of different people in different sectors ranging from the financial, political, literary and societal fields. It provides a collection of themes that act as grounds for arguments (Lechner and Boli, 2004). The essays give the impacts of the globalization process along with its effects and current trends on society. This article gives speculations concerning the future trends of the globalization process along with the costs the various economies will encounter.

This article provides an inclusion of the analysis of the leading partners in the globalization process along with their roles. This article also does provide an evaluation of the recipients in terms of their levels of dependence. It suggests ways and means that the recipients can become independent for the purpose of retaining their resources for development purposes (Lechner and Boli, 2004). The article on globalization and the future of the German language too offers an accurate analysis. It analyzes the impacts the German language encounters in the face of English being the global language.

The authors of the article view the increasing use of the English language as a risk to the use of the German language (Gardt and Huppauf, 2004). The article looks at the national and global position of their language in comparison to the standing of the English language. The analysis gives the various uses of the German language across the fields of science and their uses in other nations. It also aids in expounding on how it fairs against other foreign languages on the global scene.

The authors view the growing pressure of English as a threat to the German language. The article discusses the risks of the German language losing out in the globalization process.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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