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The paper "Global Business Situation and Opportunity Analysis - Apple Inc" is a good example of a marketing case study.   This report is prepared to conduct an analysis of the current internal and external situation of the iPhone. This will include an analysis Apple Inc. , structure, capabilities and resources, competitive environment and industry situation and SWOT analysis of iPhone. iPhone is a smartphone of Apple Inc developed and being sold all over the world. The company launched its first-generation iPhone in June 2007. However, with time the company has consistently released other generations of iPhone.

In September 2014, Apple Inc released its latest models consisting of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The product is a strong brand and operates on the iOS mobile operating system developed by Apple. Introduction With the change taking place so fast as a result of increased globalization and advancement in technology, organizations have been compelled to adjust their strategies quite often to sustain change (Cateora & Graham, 2007). Innovation is an aspect that has become very important and one of the top agendas for contemporary managers.

Innovation has made products to rated as strong brands in the current markets. One of such brands is the Smartphone, iPhone. Companies which have not taken heed of building strong brands have been overtaken in terms of competition and market share. Etherington (2013) holds that iPhone high quality and its strength has seen many people line up in Apple outlets across the world to purchase the product. However, it has been facing many challenges, including competition from Samsung, the death of one of its founder Steve Jobs and lawsuits among others (CNN Money, 2012).

Based on the information, this report will conduct an analysis of the current internal and external situation of the iPhone. This will include an analysis Apple Inc. , structure, capabilities and resources, competitive environment and industry situation and SWOT analysis of iPhone. Company Structure Organizational structure is one aspect which affects the internal functioning of Apple and by extension development of iPhone. In the early years of the 1970s, when Apple Inc was established, the company had employed traditional Matrix organizational structure to run its corporate affairs (Peh & Low, 2013).

Peh & Low (2013) contend that with the change taking place in the technological industry, Apple has since adopted a functional organizational structure as opposed tall structure. In the era of CEO Steve Jobs, Apple had ten Senior Vice Presidents including Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Hardware Engineering, iOS software, Operations, Software Engineering, Industrial Design, Retail, Worldwide Product Marketing and General Counsel (Zheng, Yang & McLean, (2010). However, the current CEO has increased this number to fourteen to increase project efficiency. Today, vice-presidents positions comprises those in retail and online stores, Internet software and services, software engineering, hardware engineering, design, Chief Operating Officer, Worldwide Product Marketing, general counsel, operations, special projects, environmental initiatives, dean, Apple University, hardware technologies and worldwide human resources (Peh & Low, 2013).

Looking at such structure, one will notice that the vice president is appointed based on their expertise and functional areas. This facilitates operational efficiency and staffs become specialists in their own area of expertise. However, the company did not escape problems with functional structure because of rigid communication making a decision to inflexible and slow (Olson, Slater & Hult, 2005).

In this arrangement, there is difficulty in cooperation because everyone is working in his own territory hence promoting individualism. There are also incidences of internal strife amongst units which are known to results delays in projects. In some case, release iPhone models have been delayed due to unfinished assembling or a long time of development. For instance, the company had announced that it will be releasing iPhone 4S on May 2010, but the release was delayed up to May 2011; meaning it was released one year later (Ionescu, 2011).


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