Essays on Global Business Situation and Opportunity Analysis - Apple Inc Case Study

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The paper 'Global Business Situation and Opportunity Analysis - Apple Inc " is a good example of a marketing case study. The iphone is one of the most dominant technological devices in its market segment. Apple has been able to achieve phenomenal success in the marketing of the device. However, other makes of smartphones are starting to catch up with the iphone in terms of market share. Apple thus needs to come up with a marketing strategy that responds to the threat of rival products and ensures the iphone retains its dominant market share in the Smartphone market. This report presents a market plan for the iphone with the aim of ensuring the iphone retains and expands its global market share.

It starts with a situational analysis of Apple Inc with particular emphasis on the internal strengths and weaknesses of the company. It is worth noting that Apple’ s most profound strength is its innovative products. Secondly, it analyzes the industry and external environment of the global Smartphone market. Thirdly, it evaluates the demographic characteristics of the iPhone's target market noting that over 50% of smartphone users consume apple products.

From the analysis given, Apple can use the following strategies to make sure that the iphone succeeds in the telecommunication market. Product Marketing Distribution Price 1.0 Introduction With the current generation having a high use for technology, Apple Inc has come up with strategies of not only designing computers but have recently designed an up to date device that caters for all ages information needs: the iphone. This technological gadget can operate like a computer as it has properties found in computer devices hence offering a wide variety of solutions to the potential consumer.

Apple Inc ranges among the top technology companies that do not spare any energy when it comes to innovation and with no doubt there has been a promising success in the future having made sales of about 55 million sales in 2011. The iphone is of much importance to Apple Company as compared to the iPod as iPods just offer entertainment while the iphone is a smartphone that can cater to all entertainment activities.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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