Essays on Global Co-operate Strategy (MBA) Assignment

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Introduction LoJack is a company that manufactures stolen vehicle recovery system. Bill founded it due to the need to fight the increased rate of stolen vehicles in the US. The operation involved a Lock jack unit that is installed in a vehicle and a registration database that correlated a specific code for each vehicle. The LoJack is activated once the vehicle is stolen. This help to facilitates the recovery of the vehicle by the police within some hours after being stolen. On the other hand, micrologic firm is a firm that specialized in the design and construction of electronic equipments.

This firm was started by Sheldon Apsell and Don crown. Apsell have a PhD in energy physics while Don crown has a bachelor of degree in electronics. It was founded as a contract development company in 1978.Question One Evaluating the strategy paradox and perspectives underpinning strategic thinking, strategic formation and strategic change with reference to the history of LoJack and micrologicThe LoJack had a need to develop a Lock jack car recovery system that will help to track and recover stolen vehicles.

Because they did not have the technology behind it, they consulted the micrologic firm, which agreed to provide the required technology. This was not the best decision to undertake as it would have looked a company with the technology to alliance with and Micrologic Company could have been a good choice. This step would have facilitated the LoJack Company to move faster in their process of manufacturing the recovery system that is taking them a very long time to implement. Instead of organization on a strategy on how they can alliance with Micrologic Company and work as a team, they are hiring the staff from micrologic firm to come and help them design and maintain the recovery system this is proving expensive to the company as they getting short of fund to finance the project.

The high cost of production the company is experiencing could have been cut down by alliance of the two firms as they will share the cost of production and responsibility such that they do not have to pay for the technology any more.

The micrologic firm would have been assigned the role of designing, installing and maintaining of the car recovery system while LoJack firm would have concentrated on the process of establishing and enhancing the market of this product. (Bob and Ron, 2OO2)This could have promoted an efficient production and sale of their product. It could have been a very effective strategy for the two young firms to transform faster to measure up to the standards of the other global co-operate firms for their product to be able to compete better from similar products from other companies. There was also lack of strategic thinking of the LoJack Company in their way of operation.

The LoJack firm is rushing into global market instead of first creating an effective awareness of their product locally to the domestic customers to increase the demand of the product at home then they can look for other places to market their product once they are well established at home, with the help of revenue realized by the company from the sale of it’s product locally. The company will use this money raised to expand its product market internationally.

This could have been achieved through creating effective product awareness through the media and Internet. This could have promoted the sale of the product worldwide, as the people from other countries could been motivated to buy the product due to the high rate of sale of the product locally. (Schutz A. 2000)

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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