Essays on Global Experience Professional Development-(Networking Plan) Assignment

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Part 1My network table while working in SydneyName of the contactWho introduced me to the contactTo whom did I introduce the contactCooper JohnsMeLily LaiPeter JohnYuan XiaJack ThomasCharlie JonesCharlotte PetersPeter JohnPeter RichardsonMeI established the above network when I was working in the marketing department in Sydney’s computer sales firm. I was working under Cooper Johns who was the head of the marketing department. Cooper was closer to me because of the frequent interactions that I had with him in the course of my duties as a sales representative in the department. It is through working with Cooper that I first met Peter John, who was an outsider but a close friend of Cooper Johns.

I later came to learn that Peter John was a supplier broker with a number of international connections. When I got introduced to Johns, he looked critical and inquisitive about my future aspirations as I was still in college. He seemed interested in making new friends and sharing ideas, I also shared the same vision and especially in a field that was both within and outside my profession.

It is through Peter Johns that I got connected to Lily Lai and Charlotte Peters. Lily Lai worked as a computer analyst in another firm near Sydney while Charlotte Peters worked in a nearby restaurant as an accountant. Peter Johns therefore acted as a super connector since I was able to meet other professionals from different firms within and outside the town. Yuan Xia was then my college mate and was an international student studying international business; I introduced him to Peter Johns. In the course of duty, I was able to meet with Peter Richardson an English man who runs a number of websites for selling products online.

Peter Richardson became a close friend as a result of my interest in learning online business. He helped me acquire sufficient knowledge on the fundamental requirements of running a website that could generate income without much hustle. As evident, the network I created as a result of working in Sydney helped me acquire knowledge on other diverse fields as well as turning the little I knew to who I knew. Working under Cooper Johns also gave me adequate skills of what it takes to perform in a marketing position because it took more than daily office work to make sales in the company.

My super connector Peter Johns was also critical in the sense that he helped me meet other strategic people as well as increasing my scope of the people I know. According to Uzzi and Dunlop (2005,p. 56), private connections are the key to power and also diverse skills sets that position one better in the business world.

The other principle that is emphasised by Uzzi and Dunlop (2005,p. 58), is the aspect of a hybrid network that is not an echo chamber, and this is what I will try to improve in my future network in order to widen my scope beyond my profession. This is because an echo chamber network is created within people of similar interest or professions and it essentially locks out criticism necessary for development through diversity.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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