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The paper "My Network While Working in Sydney" is a great example of a management essay.   I established the above network when I was working in the marketing department at Sydney’ s computer sales firm. I was working under Cooper Johns who was the head of the marketing department. Cooper was closer to me because of the frequent interactions that I had with him in the course of my duties as a sales representative in the department. It is through working with Cooper that I first met Peter John, who was an outsider but a close friend of Cooper Johns.

I later came to learn that Peter John was a supplier broker with a number of international connections. When I got introduced to Johns, he looked critical and inquisitive about my future aspirations as I was still in college. He seemed interested in making new friends and sharing ideas, I also shared the same vision and especially in a field that was both within and outside my profession. It is through Peter Johns that I got connected to Lily Lai and Charlotte Peters. Lily Lai worked as a computer analyst in another firm near Sydney while Charlotte Peters worked in a nearby restaurant as an accountant.

Peter Johns, therefore, acted as a super-connector since I was able to meet other professionals from different firms within and outside the town. Yuan Xia was then my college mate and was an international student studying international business; I introduced him to Peter Johns. In the course of duty, I was able to meet with Peter Richardson an English man who runs a number of websites for selling products online.

Peter Richardson became a close friend as a result of my interest in learning online business. He helped me acquire sufficient knowledge of the fundamental requirements of running a website that could generate income without much hustle. As evident, the network I created as a result of working in Sydney helped me acquire knowledge in other diverse fields as well as turning the little I knew into who I knew. Working under Cooper Johns also gave me adequate skills of what it takes to perform in a marketing position because it took more than daily office work to make sales in the company.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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