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The paper "Products Provided by Global Gobble " is a great example of a Marketing Case Study. The report is about Global Gobble that offers food and beverage to the customers of diverse cultures located on the Boulevard. Global Gobble ensures that the needs of the customers in the market are met by offering products that can be in a better position to meet the preferences of the customers while keeping in mind the taste changes of the clients. The report provides information concerning the products where the brand information is provided.

Besides, the cultural, economic, and SWOT analysis are provided to communicate the competitiveness of the products in the market. The strategic objectives concerning how the products can be made successful are analyzed. The target market, segmentation, and positioning of the product are discussed in the report to provide an overview concerning the marketing of the brand. Lastly, the 4Ps strategy and success measures are provided in the report to show the direction that will be taken to achieve the set objectives. Products/service/brand information The services and products provided by Global Gobble are food and beverage that are in line with the market needs.

The food and beverages provided by Global Gobble are aimed at meeting the health needs and providing tasty foods. The core values that guide the provision of services and food include integrity and honesty that are geared towards ensuring that the customers are satisfied (Luostarinen, 790). The major objective is to make sure that the products and services can find their way to other parts of the Middle East as Saudi Arabia. The food and beverages provided are of high quality with the aim of making sure the customers are satisfied where the cultural diversity of the targeted customers is considered in the service provision process. Cultural/Economic/competitive/SWOT analysis Global Gobble provides its products and services to clients of diverse cultures.

The culture of the targeted customers has a significant influence on the features of the services and products. The failure to consider the culture of the clients can lead to failure where the products and services provided can fail to meet the needs of the customers. Traditional foods are provided to Saudi citizens as they embrace cultural foods that are healthy.

The economic factors affect the costs of production that are crucial in the pricing strategy (Aspelund, 1440). The moment the costs of production are high, it can be challenging to keep low prices that are affable. Considering the economy of Saudi Arabia providing the food and beverages to the customers is likely to be disrupted by the price fluctuations of the essential supplies. Competitiveness Global Gobble competitiveness can be linked with its ability to offer unique and high-quality food and beverages.

Offering unique products makes Global Gobble competitiveness in the industry as the ingredients used are responsible for differentiating the food and beverages produced. Besides, offering cultural foods for the different clients in the market is important in making sure that the taste of customers is met regardless of the cultural background.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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