Essays on Global Domination or Global Leadership Case Study

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The paper "Global Domination or Global Leadership" Is a great example of a Management Case Study. Global leadership refers to key elements that future leaders should possess in all personal experiences at all levels of leadership. These skills help these future leaders to be able to acquaint themselves with the social effects of globalization. International relief agency is an organization aimed at the aid distribution process. Many of these organizations are within the government as multilateral donors, and voluntary organizations that are privately owned. These organizations distribute aid into two categories humanitarian and development with the aim of helping countries be able to achieve economic growth that is sustainable in order to reduce the poverty level (Brzezinski, 2004).

There are those that caries out the two types of aid, but the main point is to ensure that they meet the international standards. Therefore, to come up with an international agency it has to have a dedicated team leader and team members who are ready and willing to meet the set objectives of the organization. The emerging economy, in this case, is the issue of upcoming new donors in this economy as the agency becomes a multinational organization (Brzezinski, 2004).

When organizing a relief agency the team leader is concerned with getting the best team members to help in the process. Skills required for expansion of the enterprise A relief agency is a culmination of full complex social-technical system that comprises people, processes, among others. Therefore, clearly defining the organization's scope and the boundary is a crucial factor in defining the needs of the organization. The benefits that might come from the organization shift from foundational to transactional thus, multiplying the benefits of the organization. Enterprise expansion especially to meet international standards is a critical process and team leaders are expected to have a personal development plan that is good enough to be able to assist employee’ s personal and career development.

As a team leader, having a clear and well-defined outline of a personal development plan that when applied in the case of an international relief agency it will be possible to attain the set organization expansion goals is a crucial factor. Personal development plan This process should comprise of the following strategic areas: Achievement reflection is the first step in a personal development plan, which is concerned with accessing what has been achieved so far by the agency.

The whole idea is to try and define whether there is much that has not been achieved, but with a little effort could have been achieved. Knowledge of how to capitalize on strengths, a team leader is required to measure team members' performance on the basis of identifying weakness and gap assessment between the expected and what has so far been performed.

This can be done by having an understanding of how to differentiate between learned and natural skills of team members. This approach gives in the room for a chance to improve on the things they are not gifted. The team leader should also come up with a plan that enables him or her to identify the dominant skills.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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