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The paper "Global Leadership Skills" Is a perfect example of a Management Case Study. The last few decades have witnessed a complete change in the manner the domestic market works. The competition level in the market has undergone changes and investors have to think differently so that they become successful at the global level. While working in an international arena the different variables and factors undergo a change that needs to be considered while looking to make decisions. The pace at which the global markets are changing has highlighted the fact that the month-old strategies cannot provide the same returns and the business has to bring a change in the manner the business is carried out.

The business needs to develop plans where better cultural integration takes place and the leader is able to develop a single team where people have a common goal and look towards functioning for the long term objectives. This report looks to evaluate the manner in which leaders need to consider different factors while working in the international arena. It will also look towards developing a personal development plan by highlighting the manner in which different variables impact an organization like McDonald's.

The report will also throw light on the different contextual issues and will thereby bring forward the strategies which needs to be formulated and changes which have to be accounted for so that better use of resources becomes possible and the organization is able to achieve their goals. This will help to formulate better strategies and will highlight the key aspect and areas through which the overall performance will shaped up and the organization will be able to perform better on a global arena. Globalization Bhagwati (2004) has defined globalization as one where the integration of a national economy takes place with another economy and accounts for trade, foreign direct capital, migration, and use of technology and resources.

To deal with the issues that globalization presents managers and leaders have to carry out the additional role of ensuring that the change towards transition takes place smoothly. Pucik & Saba (1998) have identified two important concepts that deal with the issue of human resource management.

One is using the services of expatriate managers whose duty is to carry out international assignments across different countries. The second is having globalized managers who work across different cultures and cross-functional boundaries so that a team can be developed which will include all people together so that the different functions can be easily carried out. Skills required for a successful global leader Executives have to face the issue of demonstrating the required skills which will help them to come together and ensure better use of resources so that the goals can be achieved.

Khan (2007) has identified that a successful global leader has to demonstrate skills like cultural sensitivity, diversity management, adaptability and innovation, profitability and productivity management, continuity. This will require that the person understand different aspects like understanding the culture which is prevalent in the areas they are working, employing people who come from different diverse background, keeping pace with the changes and developments which are taking place, avoiding losses and finding ways for continuous growth and survival. This will help to develop a culture through which the different aspect and requirements of a cultural team will be looked at and will help to develop the required skills which will ensure better performance at a global level.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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