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Appendix 120Appendix 222Appendix 322Appendix 423Appendix 523IntroductionIt is an American multinational company dealing in beverages. It manufactures markets as well as re tails non-alcoholic beverage syrups and concentrates, and it has its headquarters in Atlanta Georgia. It is well known for its popular brand Coca-Cola that was invented by pharmacist John Stith Pemberton way back in 1886 in Columbus Georgia. The brand formula coca cola was bought by Asa Candler in 1889, and he went ahead to incorporate the company in 1892. Today Coca cola offers greater than 500 brands on top of the popular Coca cola beverage in over 200 nations or territories.

In doing, so it serves above 1.7 billion servings daily. Coca Cola Company has in place a franchised system of distribution that is traced to 1889 where it only produces syrup concentrate that is then sold to several bottlers in different parts of the world who enjoy an exclusive territory. The anchor bottler of Coca cola is situated in North America, by the name Coca-Cola refreshments. OwnershipCoca Cola Company is a publicly listed company appearing on among others the following listings: NYSE and is a portion of S & P 500 index, DJIA, the Russell 1000 as well as the Russell 1000 stock index of growth.

People The company has around 146,500 employees. All these people are under the able leadership of its chairman & CEO Mr. Muhtar Kent. AcquisitionsAs a multinational company the company holds a rich history of acquisitions. The company acquired Thums UP-an Indian cola brand in 1993, Minute Maid in 1960, and in 1995 Barq’s. For a price of $ 181 million, it acquired the brand of Odwalla that deals in smoothies, bars and fruit juices.

During 2007, it went ahead to acquire Fuze Beverage founded by Castanea Partners and Lance Collins for a circa $ 250 million. However, the company’s quest for acquisition hit a hurdle in 2009. Its bid to purchase the Chinese juice maker hit a dead end when china turned down its $ 2.4 billion offer to buy Hui yuan Juice Group citing that it would become a virtual monopoly. In addition, nationalism contributed to aborting the negotiated deal. In rather unique diversification move, Coca-Cola hit the headlines when it acquired none-beverage Company, Columbia pictures in 1982 for $693 million.

It later disposed the movie studio for $ 1.5 billion to Sony in 1989.Revenue of the companyAs per the 2005 annual report, Coca-Cola sells products of beverages in above 200 nations. The report goes ahead to say that of the above 50 billion beverage servings consumed in the world daily, beverages having the trademarks belonging to or licensed to the company account for a circa 1.5 billion (most recent figures realized in 2010 indicate that they currently serve 1.6 billion drinks daily).

Out of these, beverages carrying the trademark Coke of Coca-Cola accounted for circa 78 percent of the corporation’s total gallon sales. Moreover, as per the yearly report realized in 2007, Coca-Cola held gallon sales that were distributed in the following order: 42 percent in the United States, 20 percent across the world and 37 percent in India, Mexico, japan, Brazil and chinaIn the year 2010, an announcement ran that Coca-Cola had come out as the first brand ever standing first at £1 billion in yearly sales of UK grocery.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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