Essays on The Attractiveness of the Brazilian Market for UNIQLO's Entry Case Study

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The paper “ The Attractiveness of the Brazilian Market for UNIQLO's Entry" is a  great example of a case study on marketing. This marketing plan presents UNIQLO’ s market position and suggests its entry strategy into Brazil as a new market. The plan is divided into the following key sections: company analysis, analysis of the product, the scope of the Brazilian market, and suggested entry mode strategy. UNIQLO’ s brand is mainly targeted at young people in Brazil since people aged below 29 years comprise 60 percent of the country’ s population. To reach this target group, the marketing campaign will use television and Internet advertisement and promotion.

Pricing strategy will involve keeping the process low to attract consumers away from major competitors such as Marisa and Lojas Renner. Government bodies that work with apparel industry players in Brazil include BRAVEST and ABIT. Products also have to be labeled in compliance with MERCOSUR requirements. The suggested market entry strategies include acquisitions and mergers, franchises, and joint venture partnerships. UNIQLO is a trendy clothing operator headquartered in Japan, having been established in 1984. The company’ s name stands for Unique Clothing warehouse and reflects the fact that much of each store’ s stock is kept on the floor where customers are able to interact with it.

It specializes in fast fashion, i.e. , clothing that is fashion-forward, moderately priced, and constantly changing in style and color (Plunkett 2008). This specialization is in line with the company’ s brand message that “ UNIQLO is a modern Japanese company that inspires the world to dress casual” (UNIQLO 2011). This paper analyses the company’ s market position and suggests its entry strategy into the Brazilian market. COMPANY ANALYSISUNIQLO is officially Japan’ s leading clothing retail chain.

It currently has 845 stores in Japan and 292 stores in other markets overseas (USA, UK, China, Thailand, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, and Taiwan).


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