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The paper "How the Policies for Governing a Society Differ" is an outstanding example of business coursework.   In a dynamic modern world, policies play a crucial role in governing societies. Each society formulates its own policies according to their political, economical and cultural structures. Thus policies enable a society to function according to their own needs. Policies are formulated so as to govern societies in the modern world. For instance policies on environmental conservation and public health enable a society to live in a conducive and clean environment and be able to access health service when need be.

Some societies, for instance, the United Kingdom and the United States of America have put in place energy policy so as to govern the use of energy resource for the benefit of the society at large. Different societies have a diverse array of needs that ranges from economic, political, social and cultural. Thus the global economy for it to function appropriately there is needed to formulate new policies in the society. Civil societies have also come up to protect the interest of society by ensuring that the formulated policies benefit society and not a few individuals in power (Salvatore 56).

This paper will, therefore, focus on some of the best policies used to govern modern societies and why these policies differ in various regions of society. How the policies for governing a society differ Societies or governments set out their strategic plans in a specific document or a white paper that is known as a policy. Hence these policies spell out the political, economic and social objectives of a particular society. For that reason, each society in the modern world has its own way of governing itself.

Due to the diverse nature of each society in contemporary modern society, policies differ from one region to the other. Thus societies cannot formulate similar policies due to their diverse nature of each society. Hence each society or country formulates their own policies according to their specific needs. For instance, the education policy in the US greatly differs from the education policies in the UK. The USA might need to train more doctors so as to deliver efficient health services while on the other hand, the UK might need to train specialists such as nurses to meet their health needs.

Thus policies differ from one region to the other due to the specific political, economic and social needs of a particular society. However despite the difference in policy formulation and implementation in different regions; there are some policies that cut across the whole region. For instance, policies that deal with environmental conservation and energy. Every society wishes for its people to live in a clean environment and avoid pollution; thus the formulation of policies that environmentally friendly.

Thus these policies are applied by different societies although not in the same way due to difference in political, economic and social backgrounds. There is a difference in the approach method used by different countries in as far as their policies are concerned. For instance, the European Union energy policy seems to be focused more on the environment as opposed to that of the US which is clearly economically based. Thus economic and political issues play a crucial role in the formulation of different policies in regards to modern society.

Hence different societies apply varying approaches in the formulation of their own polices. Although the end result is always similar for the energy policies, some regions have a geographical advantage towards others. Thus their strategic location allows them to formulate certain policies as compared to other regions. According to Axford, Political situation of a country also plays a crucial role in the formulation of policies that govern a particular region (60). The political structure of society entails the leadership structure of a particular society.

In the modern society, there are some societies that advocate for democracy, liberalism, imperialism among others, for instance in a society where democracy is upheld, the will of the people will be respected in the formulation of policies.

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