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The paper "Global Strategy: an Organizational Framework by Sumantra Ghoshal" is a good example of a management article. The author talks about the global strategy and organizational strategy that is usually used by the managers in increasing the efficiency of their organization. According to the author, the operations of multinational corporations have been influenced by the increasing globalization in the world. According to the author, the article targets the managers of corporations. This is because it will help them improve their global strategies for their multinationals. The article also targets students who are conducting research on multinational strategies and organizational approaches (Ghoshal, 2).

The author provides the managers with different perspectives and prescriptions that can be utilized for the purpose of ensuring that they are successful in their operations. The article is important as it provides knowledge regarding global strategies in terms of managing the corporations. The article has clearly outlined the strategies and concepts of global strategy and organizational framework. The paper thus provides a review of the article. Review Summary The concepts of global strategy have always led to different perspectives which have contributed to a lot of ambiguity with regards to its concepts.

The global strategies are however applicable to global organizations and industries. It is also important to note that global strategies are usually used for the purposes of gaining a competitive advantage. The concepts of economies of scale are also important when developing global strategies. Different authors have come up with different explanations regarding the concepts of global strategy. The differences among the authors are mainly based on perspectives and prescriptions. According to the article, standardization and exploitations of the economies of scale are some of the concepts of global strategy.

Competitive advantage is also an important concept in the global strategy. The lack of organizational framework is responsible for the conflicting concepts among the different authors. The corporate objectives also differ which contributes to the lack of framework.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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