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The paper "Municipality of Abu Dhabi City " is a great example of a case study on management. As the entity charged with overseeing the day to day running of United Arab Emirates’ capital city, Abu Dhabi has had to embrace different strategies in order to meet the expectations placed on it by the residents of the city, the UAE government, and the investor community. According to Davidson, Abu Dhabi is a rising economic power in the UAE, which has the potential of becoming a major player in the country (11).

Although some people may argue that Abu Dhabi municipality has no role to play in the vast oil wealth in the Abu Dhabi region, it is pretty obvious that investors in the oil business will invest in the same region and will therefore rely on the infrastructure laid down by the municipality. With cities like Dubai developing at a much faster rate than Abu Dhabi, the municipality operates with the full knowledge that it needs to improve its performance in order to attract more businesses and therefore encourage development. The main competitor state against Abu Dhabi is Dubai (Davidson 30).

In recent years, however, the two cities have been in stiff competition for both human capital and investments. Some of the notable areas in which competition is also rife include infrastructural development and cultural development. The role of the MADC is evident throughout history as the city was transformed from a sheikhdom to the present day opulent city. However, with factors such as a labor crisis and a low-performing education system is an ever-present challenge, the Abu Dhabi municipality has had to adopt a strategy that not only resolves the identified challenges but also prepares it to face any anticipated challenges.

Future developments for Abu Dhabi are best illustrated in the vision and mission statement of the city, which indicates that the municipality seeks to offer outstanding services and modern infrastructure for purposes of building a promising capital. The mission statement indicates that the municipality seeks to attain this through “ innovative planning, improving municipal services, and developing adequate infrastructure” (Municipality of Abu Dhabi 1). Importance of competitive business strategies Despite its vast oil wealth, Abu Dhabi has in the past operated in the shadows of Dubai.

However, MADC realizes that in order to attract more investors and hence become competitive, it would have to adopt a strategy that not only makes it easier for people to invest in the region but also live in the city.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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