Essays on The Existences of Strategic Blocs in the Global Industry of Semiconductors Coursework

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The paper "The Existences of Strategic Blocs in the Global Industry of Semiconductors" is a perfect example of business coursework.   For any business, organization or company to thrive well in this globally competitive world, the management must come up with strategies to ensure it is well equipped for the global competitive platform (Hannagan, 67). The formation of the strategies by a firm and especially in the production of semi-conductors is faced by some challenges due to competition caused by the high rate of technology growth. The challenge most firms faces include the similarities in their linkages strategies and the strategic capabilities of each firm.

This has brought so much pressure on the management to develop competitive strategies for their companies for the purpose of global competition. The study is attempting to show in the global industry of semiconductors the existences of strategic blocs. Introduction According to Peter (122), many managers have assumed that the only requirement needed by a manager to be able to create an efficient and effective strategy for any business rendering services is the 4Ps. This kind of assumption is not right because of the fact that the use of the 4Ps is not sufficient to come up with the best strategy for marketing the products.

The managers should also consider the needs of the customers. This means that there should be research carried out in the vicinity where the business will be set to be able to establish what the customers need. The need depends on the gap that other managers have not filled. In other words, the managers must be in a position to give the consumers what they have not been given.

The manager should also be able to look at the corporate vision (Mullins, 50). This means that the corporate leader must have a definite vision of where the business is heading. The marketing department then must be able to look at the vision closely and decide what marketing objectives to set to achieve the corporate vision. This is very important to ensure that all the activities that are being carried out by the marketing department are fully supported by the employees in the other department like manufacturing.

If the marketing department follows that vision of the corporation then it means they will be able to not only fulfill the objectives of the corporation but also the needs of the customers as they set their goals. The marketing objectives must also be formulated depending on the financial objectives of the organization. The world is very dynamic especially in terms of technological innovation (Mullins, 90). This brings about the aspect of competition of which a company cannot create a platform to stand against the wave of competition may be wiped out.

The global semiconductor is an industry experiencing changes in technology and especially in this contemporary world. Review of Literature Competition refers to the process of disequilibrating the processes in the market for the firms to be able to take advantage of the resources in terms of market share and segmentation for the purposes of financial performances (Erica, 177). There are impacts of the competition on the technology of e-book reader software in the last five year. There has been a drastic organizational growth in terms of market share. Through this kind of technology many people have has an opportunity to access reading materials easily hence their preference meaning it is widely preferred.

It has also enabled the company to reach very quickly to the return on the potential of the investment. This is because of the fact that many people have embraced the new technology and so the sales are great hence profitability. It has also led to some changes in terms of global reach. This whereby, the new technology had led the company to open its doors for employees all over the world trained to use the technology as well as due to the fact that it has been involved in the opening of new branches in many parts of the world.

Due to competition, the company is continuously coming up with innovations as far as the new technology is concerned to ensure that it has a great ability to reach out globally (Erica, 133). It is the aspect of competition that motivates different firms to be involved in innovation to increase productivity according to the neoclassical theory.

The use of all possible knowledge of products in the area of competition, by doing that the firm is able to maximize its profit irrespective its market structure. The issue of competitiveness is defined by the extent to which the company has gained power over the market. According to competitive theory, the following are the five environmental factors, which influence competition due to technological changes:

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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