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The paper "Globalisation of Logistics & Supply Chains" is an outstanding example of business coursework. In 2011, when there was a great intensity of debates about the effect of globalisation, a renowned author, Pankaj Ghemawat, provided an opinion that stood in stark contrast to the prevailing wisdom. In his analysis, Ghemawat noted that England, or the United Kingdom (UK) in general, was not as globalised as people thought it was; this opinion was brought to light in one of his famous publications with the statement, “ We’ re not nearly as globalized as we think we are” (Ghemawat 2011, p.

3). The perspectives of Ghemawat have taken a while to be appreciated, and effective steps are being discussed to ensure globalisation is embraced in a society that is thought to be at the peak. Three years after his perspectives were published; the insights raised by Ghemawat have been instrumental in the development of the Global Connectedness Index (GCI), an initiative run by DHL, the world-renowned courier services company. The GCI, which is now reaching its fourth year, was established as an effective and efficient non-judgmental means to measure different aspects of cross-border integration.

One of the primary objectives of this index was to create an analysis of global flows and their power to increase prosperity in the regions they connected. (Worthington & Britton 2003, p. 54). Additionally, the index plays a leading role in offering a realistic and nuanced perspective of the degree to which different trading nations have attained their main developmental goals and objectives. Another important function of the index is to provide an effective understanding and measurement of different cross-border flows that relate to people, information, capital and trading activities happening in various regions.

The aspect of connectedness in the report denotes the ability of people to move and interact freely within regions that seem geographically separate. In this case, the need to establish effective transport systems cannot be overemphasised (Rushton, Oxley & Croucher 2000, p. 47).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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