Essays on Globalization and Development Literature review

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The paper "Globalization and Development" is a good example of a literature review on social science. Political scientists and economists often ignore or dismiss society-centered, agent development and gender. This can be evidenced from the thoughts of Migdal, who indicates that for any society to progress especially in terms of state-building, the concerned governments must move from the bondage of their former colonial masters (4). Migdal explains that the reason why third world countries existent and are termed as weak is that they attained their independence years back, but are not able to institute local administrative systems that will alleviate their problems at the local level (8). On the other hand, Green says that the 21st Century can only be termed as successful if poverty, forms of inequality and environmental hazards are alleviated (29).

The author continues to argue that many states are ineffective as they cannot handle their development process (27). This emanates from the thought that the mechanisms put in place to tackle poverty and other forms of inequalities have not been implemented to the letter. Conversely, it is warranted to argue that economists and political analysts do not ignore the issue of gender in terms of development.

This can be evidenced form the work compiled by Bernasek who says that the Grameen Bank located in Bangladesh has been instrumental in offering funds to women as a way of mobilizing them towards utilizing the funds to improve their living standards (371). The micro-credit plan by the Grameen Bank has led the creation of a long term solution to issues facing women; ultimately, social change (Bernasek 380).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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