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The paper "Steve Jobs as a Global Leader" is an outstanding example of a management literature review. When one thinks of leadership historically one tends to think mainly in terms of political or religious leadership - kings such as Charlemagne, popes, war leaders such as Genghis Khan, or in more modern times dictators such Stalin or Chairman Mao, or statesmen and women such as Angela Merkel and Bill Clinton. The British Empire, especially in the time of Queen Victoria, once covered huge areas of the globe. None of these people is or was however a true global leader, in that their power and influence did, or does not, extend to every country. Although political and religious leaders still exist, and can of course be very important, modern influences that really affect everyone tend to be rather different.

McDonald’ s for instance can be found not only in Western countries, but there are several branches in Beijing, a place where neither Alexander the Great or the British empire to any real extent, was able to reach. There are also branches nestled in amongst the gourmet restaurants of France.

So leadership and influence have changed over time. One example is the influence of Apple under Steve Jobs. According to Moisecot (2012), he was ‘ the closest thing to a rock star in the world of business’ His is an example of true global leadership. By 2011, the year of his death, Apple, his company, had become the most valuable publicly-traded company on the globe with iPhones and other products available right around the world from Brazil to the Ivory Coast and from Switzerland to Singapore. How did all this build-up from one small garage workshop and two great minds at a time when computers were around, but they were mostly mainframes, huge, bulky and very expensive? Biography of Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs died in 2011.

His obituary said that the world had lost a great man. He was born in 1955 and so died comparatively young from pancreatic cancer. Jobs was not his birth name but born to unmarried intellectuals, he was adopted soon after birth. The couple went on to marry and have another child. How would that make Jobs feel when he discovered what had happened?

It cannot have been a positive in his life.


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