Essays on Globalisation of Logistics and Supply Chains Report

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The paper "Globalisation of Logistics and Supply Chains" is an outstanding example of a management report.   Multinational enterprises are the main drivers of globalisation which has its merits and demerits. Most of the MNEs are currently expanding to several global points while headquartered in their first operational countries. The expansion of the operations of the MNEs requires integrated administration, supply chain, and logistics processes for an effective analysis of progress and economic output. It also requires the use of a global strategy. This research paper is an analysis of the effectiveness of the use of an integrated global strategy that MNEs are applying in several countries.

Several models and author opinions are used to analyze the operation of the MNEs in the countries. Introduction The issue of globalisation has taken over in many sectors and its integration in the supply chain and logistics of multinational enterprises is growing with fears from its supporters and non-supporters on the effectiveness of the integration. The objective of this paper is to critically analyse the possibility of multinational enterprises working using an integrated global strategy in several countries globally in these present times.

Multinational Enterprises are the highest contributors to world investment and trade through this is contributed by a small percentage. The largest 500 MNEs are reported to be the contributors of more than 90% of the world’ s foreign direct investment (FDI). The research question requires the analysis of the application of global strategy on the operations of MNEs in many countries. Therefore, in handling the research question there is a focus on the definition and operations of MNEs’ supply chain and logistics processes. Secondly, a review of the globalization as fostered by the MNEs.

There will also be an evaluation of the global strategies that are used in diverse countries using the PESTEL analysis model. Additionally, the context of porter’ s Diamond and Yip’ s Total global strategies in the changes implemented by the MNEs will be done. This will highlight the benefits that the integration of the strategies in several countries has.


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