Essays on Globalization, Social Issues And Public Policy Assessment Assignment

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Globalization, Social Issues and Public Policy AssessmentThe topic of globalization, social issues and public policy assessment basically entails creation of awareness on how the government uses its guiding principles to create a sense of order in community issues. In addition, this topic entails creating an awareness of how non-governmental organizations can influence community issues when they take action or be actively involved. However, this is not all that the topic entails; it is a topic that covers many disciplines, but the most basic quality that is required for the above issues is the quality of good leadership, which can be used to identify and sort community issues that affect local communities and global communities (Hamel, 2001, p.

202). Globalization, social issues and public policy shall be addressed separately in this paper. In addition, this paper will seek to answer three main questions regarding community in the light of this topic (Paehlke, 2004, p. 276). Globalization involves integration of economies and societal/cultural groups, with the main mediums of integration being technology, communication, commerce and transportation. The economies and social or cultural groups that are integrated are not only locally related to each other; globalization, as the name suggests, involved integration of international economies and communities and cultures all over the world.

There are many forces that fuel and drive globalization, and these forces act jointly in doing so. The main driving factors include politics, religion, biological, science and technology and, last but not least, socio-cultural issues (Kutting, 2004, p. 61-63). Social issues can be defined as issues and controversies/ tight spots affecting individuals or whole societies. One common thing about these issues is that they are all directly or indirectly related to ethics, values and morals (France, 2008, p.

246). There are many social issues; so many that they cannot be numbered. However, the most common include issues in abortion, rape, HIV/AIDS, criminal justice, crime, disability, gender, pornography, racism/tribalism and ethnic issues, environmental dilapidation, education, gay and lesbian issues, overpopulation, marriage and divorce, family, drugs, immigration, dating, human trade/ slave trade and eating disorders among many others (Hamel, 2001, p. 215). Public policy entails government endeavours in addressing globalization, social issues and other issues affecting the public.

In the effort to deal with such issues, the government forms policies, laws and regulations at all levels of government. There are three main aspects that are considered and that act as guidelines to the government when it is making such policies: the problem being addressed, the players of the problem and the policy for the problem (Kutting, 2004, p. 83). The problem, basically, is the public issue at hand. The player of the problem is the party that has the main influence in dealing with the issue and in forming and implementing policies.

The policy can be termed as the final decision reached upon by the government to act on the issue. However, policies are not only made and influenced by the government; even the private sector and non-governmental organizations, cultural organizations and even religion greatly influence making, interpretation and implementation of public policies (Gerston, 2010, p. 131).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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