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The paper "GM Holden Limited - New Venture" is a perfect example of a business case study. This report offers a critical evaluation and analysis of GM Holden Limited in the USA. The development of this critical review report is hedged on a request posted by the companies’ major shareholders. This is a result of the declining profitability levels in the organization that require innovative changes and improvements (Blanpain and Brulin, 2008, p. 27). As such, the review offers a situational analysis of the company as well as a proposal for improvements.

Finally, besides concluding, it provides a series of recommendations and changes that must be effected to support the new proposed changes both in the present and into the future. This is mainly in the development of a suitable operational environment, resources, and capabilities respectively. 2.0 Current Situation In the evaluation of the GM Holden Company situational analysis, this section explores two main aspects, namely operations and activities, as well as the overall market competition levels in the Australian automobile industry. An evaluation of the company operations indicates that the venture currently engages in the manufacturing of key body parts for GM vehicles as well as other spare parts and engines respectively.

The process of developing and manufacturing the parts has offered the company key market credibility due to its operational quality and specialization reputation across the Australian market (Plunkett and Plunkett Research, 2008, p. 24). However, as evidenced by the company profile and operations analysis, its activities are limited to the manufacturing and production of the key body parts. Consequently, it relies on the use of third party dealers to avail its products into the Australian market.

The use of third party experts, although reducing operational costs, has its limitations. To this end, Gasper (2015, p. 301) argued that the use of third parties, especially in the distribution process reduces the overall contact between a venture and its overall consumer base in the market.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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