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Decision-making Decision-making is a cognitive process of identifying, analyzing and settling on an option as the best way to resolve a particular problem or a challenge faced. Every human being involves self in one or more forms of decision-making daily. People make decisions to improve their conditions of living (Köksalan, Wallenius & Zionts, 2011). While some decisions result to good outcomes or achievements, others lead to regrets. Over my life, I have made a number of decisions with some being good as they led to positive outcomes and some bad as they led to undesired results.

One of the problems faced and that required critical decision-making was to balance between cohabiting life and academic commitments while in university. While in school, I engaged in love affair that led to cohabitation. As time lapsed, I experienced serious problem balancing between commitments to my partner and performing my academic responsibilities effectively. At one time I failed my examinations since I tended to allocate more time relationship and got refer. It is then that I desired to suspend the relationship and move out of cohabitation into lonely life.

Since making the decision, I faced challenges adapting to a new life but finally managed to settle, and had my concentration on academics improved. Performance improved, and was scoring at least credit in my examinations. Another good decision I made in my life was to move to a smaller and cheaper house while in school. As a self-sponsored student in the university, I have to engage in part-time work to be able to raise money for fees, a room, and other humanly wants. In the beginning, I lived in a one-bedroom house that I paid $800 monthly.

Within a short time, I began encountering challenge, as the balance from my earnings did not satisfy my wants. I had to think about my monthly expenditures, and resolved to relocate in a smaller house where now pay $300 monthly, and save enough money to cater for other wants. The bad decision I made was to enter into cohabitation. I would have just made love but not cohabit as the move was placing in a marriage-like situation, and I was subject to face every challenges of marriage even when I was psychologically prepared.

Another bad decision I made was to defer my university studies by 2 years. One of the consequences of the move were loss of time that I would use in advancing other critical progresses in life. Another consequence was that the university administration raised fees payable for the course above the initial amount payable could I finish the course within the actual duration. ReferenceKöksalan, M. M., Wallenius, J., & Zionts, S. (2011). Multiple criteria decision making: From early history to the 21st century.

Singapore: World Scientific.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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