Essays on Management and Strategic Decisions of Google Case Study

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The paper "Management and Strategic Decisions of Google" is a good example of a management case study. Management and strategic decisions are important in organization development. A successful organization requires the different stakeholders including the employees to collaborate and work together to ensure objectives and goals are achieved. These processes require employees and the employees should understand the goals, and contribute towards achieving these goals. However, problems may occur that affects the efficiency of the team and the entire organization. These problems are evident in the case study, which talks about Julie and Google.

Google operates in the information technology industry while Julie has extensive experience in the ineffective team both at the workplace and at the college. The aim of the paper is to analyze identified issues and problems evident in the case study, identify possible solutions, proposed appropriate solution, and provide recommendations. Background Julia has experiences working in isolated environments in which teamwork is not encouraged. Julia situations and experiences at the workplace and pursuing a Master’ s degree provides issues associated with complex working relationships. The major problems arose at the university where the team members had different views and approaches in accomplishing assigned duties.

Julia tried her best to engage and ensure the university team operates effectively, but the members approached the learning in an inappropriate manner. Julia states that engaging an individual in the absence of the team is easier compared with engaging the individual within the team. These aspects are different when compared with other teams within the same class and university. It raises divergent views in advancing the requirements of teamwork. Google is a large organization that employs thousands of employees from different backgrounds.

Some of the teams are effective while others are ineffective. To determine the team dynamics, Google decided to carry out a Project Aristotle. Julia was research in Project Aristotle and was able to interview different teams and individuals. Julia, through Project Aristotle, states that cultural norms influence teamwork. Such team dynamics and requirements are evident in the example of Matt, who is a middle-level manager responsible for technical operations. Engaging with Julia, further information was evident even though the original arguments were that the teams managed by Matt were effective.

Hence, working in a team environment creates numerous challenges, and effective strategies are required to ensure the team operates effectively. Identification of Issues and Problems The following are some of the problems evident in the case study: Lack of harmony within the teams Teams are required to work in harmony through collaborating and supporting each other. The contribution of the different team members within the team should advance strategic requirements. The interpersonal relationship is crucial both within the team and in a one-to-one capacity, to ensure the team operates harmoniously (Cameron, 2014, p.

32). However, in the instance of Julia at the university, when Julia engaged a single team member, the engagement was successful, but when the team members come together, problems arise. In the same case, within Google, the teams operate effectively, but there are problems with harmonize operations as indicated by the Matt scenario. Hence, the lack of a harmonious team is a major problem in advancing teamwork and is evident in the case study.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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