Essays on Google Nexus' Strategic Marketing Case Study

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The paper “ Google Nexus’ Strategic Marketing” is a  thrilling example of a case study on  marketing. It has grown to a strong competitive corporation owing to its diverse and strong strategies. The paper will look at the strategic marketing plan employed in the production of the novel product-Google Nexus. The paper will start by giving a background of the company, its mission; the SMART objectives that have guided the firm to achieving great success in Nexus product; the hierarchy of strategies utilized; also the internal and external atmospheres are outlined. Porters five competitive forces for Google Nexus are enumerated in detail. The Company has departed from factually a garage corporation started in 1998 by two learners from Stanford University.

The scholars S. Brin and L. Page incubated the idea at the University and a presumptuous reflecting company that provides employment to over 10,000 individuals at the moment. In the year 1995, the two met and devised their ideas on looking and made the effort to sell it. At a conference in 1998, they presented their research at the World Wide Web. From there, they solicited funding to start their projects.

In 2004, they went public and grown up to what it is today. The internet according to Google is a way of sharing information globally. It facilitates an easy and speedy mechanism to obtain data which to them may be in any form (Google, 2008). The rapid growth of the company has stirred up numerous artifacts, collaborations, and acquisition that way far beyond the firm’ s main search engine. It presents software that is productive. The company is the pioneer of the Android phone operating system and that Google chrome browser among other products.

It is approximated to be running over one million servers all over the world and put in the process roughly one billion search results (Viney & David, 2007). The internet has no geographic boundary according to them. Google formulates all its merchandise and applications operate for all sections suitably as well as permitting non-profit and personal utilization to be free. They have an assortment of catchment points into modular handset trade. The rummaging around is done with tone and text messaging regarding local trade.

They tender an extensive selection of materials for its products through the internet. It is exciting to recognize that they keep on complementing its merchandise to each means of interactions and data relations obtainable to its clients. Google Nexus is one product developed to service some of these requirements (Google, 2008). 2.0.1 MissionGoogle’ s mission is to systematize the planet’ s information and make it unanimously reachable and helpful. The firm has jam-packed a lot into a comparatively young existence. From the time when Google was established in 1998, it has developed to work for hundreds of thousands of clients and consumers all over the globe (Google, 2008).

3.0 Google’ s Smart Objectives 1. To concentrate on modernization. To augment the scale of novelty even as the inside headcount expands a development with a lot of engineers personnel situated all over the globe. 2. To ensure their tools are operating in all places. The attainment of this is to install Google packs for novel clients in every part of the world. 3. To have a superior communication system for productivity.

This comprises permitting customers to get a widespread search tool. 4. To be the most excellent in the searching products. The focus is to eliminate spam in user’ s languages and to add information accuracy. 5. To press on their ad system. The aim is to sell new stock. Google believes that if they create the world’ s catalog accessible and all probable clients attracted. 6. To drive their societies and substance. 4.0 Market Research

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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