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Google Recommendation Report From the article on Google’s SWOT analysis, it is can be observed that Google faces numerous challenges in its operations. Today’s business world is very competitive and rivals seek any opportunity to take advantage of their competitors’ weaknesses so as to progress. Be that as may, it is important for Google to seek ways of tackling the challenges that it still faces if it is to stay ahead of its rivals in business. This article will specify some recommendations that if applied will help boost Google’s business. Google should work on its strengths and enhance them to get a competitive advantage over rivals.

Google’s search engine is ranked among the best and most utilized and as such, Google should use its popularity to its advantage. Getting to the top is a challenge but it is more challenging to remain at the top. Google is already popular for its fast and reliable search services and therefore it should do more research about its clients’ ever changing needs and work on them so as to maintain the clients it possesses and even to attract more.

Google has in the past experienced the problem of losing some of its most talented and highly qualified employees who resigned to join other companies. It costs a lot to recruit and train employees and losing the most qualified could negatively affect the company’s overall performance. Google has to employ employee retention strategies by first understanding why employees would want to leave in the first place. A satisfied employee is less likely to seek employment elsewhere and thus it is important to keep employees satisfied with their work.

Some of the factors that cause insecurity and the feeling of being unsuccessful include changing expectations and always keeping them (employees) on the edge, which is also the cause of unhealthy stress at work. The other important employee retention strategy is providing them with competitive salaries and the opportunity to grow career wise. The best trained employees are always seeking opportunities to grow their careers, skills and knowledge since they fear experiencing stagnation in their careers. Google should provide growth opportunities within it to discourage its best employees or any other of its employees from leaving.

It is also important to motivate employees and make them feel recognized, rewarded and appreciated. Google has products that are mostly unknown to the public and yet they can be used to boost the company’s income and customer base. Marketing the underutilized products can go a long way in helping the products get known and utilized more. Google is highly dependent on search-based advertising and as such needs to make sure these searches are as efficient as possible. With the existence of spammers who engage in manipulating the company’s ranking technology, resulting in difficulty of telling the costing and positioning of adverts by its customers, Google needs to advance its ranking technology to keep out the spammers who can ruin Google’s customer base.

Spammers can interfere with search results resulting in customers getting poor search results and may move to competing companies for better and more accurate searches. Investing more in technology would make the company’s contextual search more efficient and therefore making its charging policies less confusing. The company seems to over rely on search-based advertising and yet it has other products to offer.

It should make the necessary efforts to diversify its sources of income as a way of reducing risks, just in case anything with the search-based advertising. Google has previously found itself facing lawsuits for developing other parties’ products. Should Google seek to develop contexts that are not its own, it should seek the necessary permissions to avoid lawsuits which are not only costly and time wasting but also paint the company in bad light. Google still has not fully exploited the opportunities around it meaning there is still a long way to go in terms of growth.

The Google engineers should not only be encouraged but also motivated to pursue projects that can provide the company with innovative products. The company could even set up a group of engineers whose full time job would be to come up with new innovative products. The article on SWOT analysis provided a lot of opportunities available to Google to try out. Some of these opportunities have the potential of earning Google billions of USDs, making one wonder why Google has not ventured into those fields yet.

Google should not view competition as a threat but as an opportunity to improve its efficiency and operations so as to keep up or stay ahead of the competition. In fact, a business experiencing zero competition should be more worried of what makes the other businesses not want to venture into its field of specialization. There are a few companies that have managed to overtake Google in various markets. In order for Google to effectively counter this competition, it first needs to study and understand what these companies did that enabled them go capture the markets they have. Once it has known what these companies are doing right and where it (Google) has gone wrong, the company can work on plans that would place them at par or even make it the preferred choice to consumers.

The plans then need to be put into action. Some of Google’s competitors have come up with new products that have multiple features which are very appealing to consumers and may even eat up on Google’s market base.

Google should seek ways to also come up with innovative products that would not strain its resources unnecessarily. Conclusion The SWOT analysis points out many suggestions, advantages and disadvantages that the company possesses. But the mere mentioning of these facts and suggestions does little to help the company improve on its service provision. The company’s management should use the SWOT analysis as a basis of researching on what needs to be changed, what needs to be gotten rid off and what needs to be improved if the company is to make any significant steps ahead of its competitors.

Today’s dynamic business world is tough and any company that does not adjust itself to cope with the daily challenges may find itself out of business.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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