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Google has been a leadership company in the arena of internet search engines. It has been highly innovative in its generation and application of new ideas. Porter (1996) believes that firms can outperform others if they can establish a difference and use it to exploit their competencies. Google has been distinct in its customer centric policies, growth strategies and organizational culture that foster creativity (Google Inc. , 2010). Through its state of the art research and development facility, it continuously strives for meeting the changing preferences of its customers or users. They have also diversified their business portfolio in order to maintain their leverage in the market. Google’s increasing URLs is testament to its mission to facilitate free access to credible information.

Indeed, its expansion across globe with more than 150 domains and offering its services in ten new languages were important landmark in its growth. While advertising has been the key component of its revenue, the acquisition and partnerships have also helped it to exploit the opportunities in other digital devices. Columbus (2005) argues that alliances facilitate Google to operate at lower cost and help retain its niche position.

In the highly competitive environment of rapid globalization, Google needs to adopt dynamic strategies to meet the challenges of advancing technology and potential of internet. Some of the few alternatives are described below which could significantly contribute to its continued market leadership. 1. Expansion into emerging new markets is hugely critical aspect of its growth. But at the same time, sustainable business practices have become equally important for the future of human race. The environment and climate change have emerged as crucial paradigms that must be intrinsically linked to business goals.

Google therefore, needs to emphasize on sustainable development when it diversifies and expands into new areas. Hence, its proactive participation into community development of new market would create credibility and ensure customer loyalty. 2. Advertising has been its most prolific business programs that accounts for nearly ninety seven percent of its revenue sales. At the same time, social network sites like facebook, twitter, groupon etc have been increasingly become popular for advertising. The vast impact of social networking must be exploited by Google. Hence, it must start its own social network with innovative features like higher discount to members on its products, facility of PageRank algorithm which is not available to public domain.

This could be the winning strategy against facebook, twitter etc. 3. Google must also start a new domain exclusively for children so that their personal choices vis-à-vis books, films, games, health needs and their psycho-sociological needs could be exploited. Indeed, it can also create a unique social network site for them so that children from across globe can interact and develop an indigenous group of global community.

4. Carr (2008) says that Google is making us stupid by providing us with ready answers. It would therefore be good if Google can also provide an independent platform for global brainstorming on real time basis. The membership could be exclusive that could be filtered for its information. The platform could become a great facilitator for new ideas and used by businesses, government and social action groups across the geographical boundary. (words: 531) Reference Carr, Nicholas. (August 2008). Is Google Making Us Stupid? Retrieved from http: //www. theatlantic. com/magazine/archive/2008/07/is-google-making-us-stupid/6868/ Google Inc. 2010.

Retrieved from http: //www. google. com Columbus, Louis. (25 November, 2005). Google’s Trojan House CRM Strategy. Retrieved from http: //www. insidecrm. com/features/google-crm-strategy-101707/ Porter, Michael E. (1996). What is Strategy. Harvard Business Review. Nov/Dec96. 74(6), 61-78.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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