Essays on Corporate Governance Issues: Board Diversity Issue at Apple Inc Case Study

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The paper "Corporate Governance Issues: Board Diversity Issue at Apple Inc" is a perfect example of a business case study. Corporate governance has received ascendancy within the scholarly and professional domain owing to its importance in the era of information technology and thus quick access to information. The financial recession led to the demand for transparency in corporate practices of organizations. However, a new budding component of corporate governance that is board diversity has gained cognition due to the predomination of most boards by males. Up until now, some enterprises have been in the headlines of the local dailies for corporate governance-related scandals that end up tarnishing their image in society (Leung, 2016).

Notably, the issue of board diversity has been taken with much weight owing to the rise in gender equality lobbying especially in leadership positions (Leung, 2016). There is a different code of conduct that is very stern of board diversity in nearly all the companies. As a component of corporate governance, board diversity not only means having people of different characteristics as board members. Rather, it also means getting the right people for the job, harnessing their exceptional skills and experiences, and ensuring the representation of the visible indicators, to collectively ensure the success of the organization (Leung, 2016).

Visible signs are the indicators of diversity such as age, nationality or ethnicity, and culture among other tenets (Leung, 2016). Despite Apple Inc is one of the most successful American MNCs, its image has recently been flawed following the allegations of board diversity issues, an issue that has corporate governance root. This essay will commence by looking at the board diversity at Apple according to the case pulled from the above-stated newspaper.

The next step of the essay would be to discuss the role of the media in corporate governance. Finally, the paper will give a complete summary of the major points in the body and present some recommendations.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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