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IntroductionOne of the major non-profit organizations that are operating in the UAE is Dubai Convention Bureau that is situated in the Middle East. The bureau is a division of the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, a non-profit government funded organization, whose aim is to further develop and increase Dubai’s share of the international MICE and special events markets, whilst maximizing the economic prospects of Dubai. The DCB is dedicated to pursue and win events through national and international promotions to advance the position of the Emirate as a leading business tourism destination.

The production side of the UAE economy heavily depends on expatriate labor that have ended up affecting the size of the indigenous population thus leading to the organization to be disadvantaged in terms of quantitative and qualitative aspects. The outcome of the employment shares and sectoral shares in the UAE GDP leads to the issue of optimal allocation of the labor resource, this furthermore creates a situation where there is wide and extensive variation between the labor productivities in the different sectors that is aimed to focus on differences in the quality of labor and the nature of the sector.

The expansion of the UAE economy has not been smooth due to the inflation instabilities that have been reflected in the large expansions and constrains, thus this can be due to continued increase in the UAE population to have been coupled with the slowdown of the economy. Hence this paper has been analyzed to show the impacts that the company is implying to reach their target and their current state. This does not imply that it is the only firm with advanced financial management in the UAE.

However, it is a suitable sample that can be used to show the management of finances in government accounting systems in the United Arab Emirates. Objectives and major activities of Dubai Convention BureauDubai Convention Bureau is a non- profit making organization that plays a significant role in promoting the economy of U. A.E through tourism events. The organization aids in bid assistance of all the individuals around the globe, convention planning and onsite servicing including preparation of accommodation venues and facilities for tourists.

A good business environment for some well-known people who have formed a platform for nurturing relationship among the staff has been developed thus making this a better organization. They also aim to promote a better understanding by expanding commercial relationship between the customers, the company also tends to hold meetings as a way of exchanging views that can lead to the ability of updating information concerning commercial activities than can help the relevant customers (Nyrop, 2008). The firm assists in planning and organization of virtually any kind of MICE event one may wish to imagine.

Its staff is professional and dedicated to ensuring tourism events are an outstanding success. This is also done with an aim of creating more job opportunities and uplifting the economic performance of UAE while servicing the tourists’ needs. The company organizes seminars by inviting prominent personnel’s that they are trading with and other government organizations that can help to expand their investment hence reach their dedicated target. The company furthermore invites prominent people from the bank and institutions with the aim of being helped on issues that relate to facilities from different companies hence improve on their company.

It also aims to interact with the government department for the purpose of solving trade disputes and also as away of improving shipping and transport services of the company, hence by employing all these objectives the company aims to promote their business interests for the staff and also their customers (Nyrop, 2008).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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