Essays on Government Agencies and Federal Register Assignment

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The paper "Government Agencies and Federal Register" is a brilliant example of an assignment on business. A new business owner of a residential and commercial carpet cleaning business needs to be aware that sales tax is a tax paid to the governing body for the sale of certain products and services. They also need to be aware that the law permits, at the point of purchase, the seller is obliged to collect funds for the tax usually from the consumer. Besides, the tax is usually itemized separately from the price of services and products.

The other benefit is that if implemented correctly, it eliminates budget deficits. The sales tax is very beneficial to the sales manager of a company since the tax is typically accumulated directly from the consumer only by the seller, and it is usually based on the sale price of the service or product rather than the quantity. Certification of sales tax administration software for businesses use reduces work and expense (Fox 2). The Federal Register is used as a channel by the Federal government to think aloud with its people.

The managers can use the notice and comment process that is outlined in the Federal register so as to participate in agency rulemaking (McKinney, 23-25). So as to address this challenge of rulemaking, the public comments are usually considered by the issuance of a government agency. Any agency that proposes a rule in the Federal Register needs to give contact information for the organizations or firms and individuals who are actually interested in making comments to the agencies. Besides, the agencies need to ensure that their agencies provide due diligence to these concerns when it publishes its final rule regarding the subject.

Since the Federal Register offers accessibility to a broad range of Federal benefits as well as opportunities for funding, the managers can best control the Federal Register’ s website through reproducing the information that appears on the website. This can be used for cross-referencing. Furthermore, they also ensure that certain individuals in declared counties can apply for assistance through the internet. Lastly, they also use a webinar to guide and encourage the minority-owned firms looking to increase their success or enter the federal contract market (Fox 78-80).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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