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The paper "Government Environment of Business" is an outstanding example of an essay on business. The government influence in the contemporary business environment is a crucial factor for investors. The government is responsible for setting up the various levels of the government policies in a country that relate to the business structure. In the UK government structure, the various government power influence the business policies in various dimensions. The prime minister, the civil service, the parliament, and the cabinet use their power to influence policies that the government implements.

The power of the various government bodies can be measured on the magnitude with which they influence the business policies in the country. While the prime minister, the civil service, and the cabinet play critical roles in policy design, the parliament has greater power in the design of business policies. The parliament is the final body that discusses the policies before they are implemented by the government.                       The Prime minister is a critical figure in the UK government. The role of the prime minister is to stand as the principal government figure in the house of Commons and to appoint members of the government.

The prime ministers take the role of evaluating the potential members of the government and selecting to the best of his knowledge those who he feels may contribute to the government development (Gov. UK, 2013). Secondly, the prime minister oversees the work of the civil servants and other important government agencies (BBC News, 2012). In this role, the prime minister works closely with the civil service to ensure that government policies are implemented. On this note, the prime minister has a fair influence on the government policies.

He ensures that all policies that affect the business environment are efficiently implemented and that they have the intended purpose after their implementation. By selecting the government officials, the prime minister influences the government decision-making process. For instance, he selects members who have little experience in the UK business environment, they may end up formulating policies that affect the economy negatively. On this note, the prime minister's duties impact indirectly on the business environment.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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