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The paper “ Business Management Career” is an inspiring variant of the admission essay on business. My name is Nagham. I am currently pursuing a bachelor’ s course in business, and majoring in management. Since my childhood years, business and business management have been my chief career/ professional ambitions. My passion for business management dates back to my experiences with the businesses that were owned and run by my family, friends, and other relatives as well as periods of employment. It has therefore remained my greatest career desire to become one of the best professionals in the field of business management. My previous experiences while assisting in the management of family businesses have sparked an insatiable desire in me to be involved in the business in a host of capacities and competencies.

My past experiences strongly suggest that I possess the in-born talent and skill required for the profession. However, it is still important for me to further study business management in order to be able to compete in the highly competitive and knowledge-driven contemporary world markets. According to Pride et al (2014), business management basically denotes the activities that are linked with the running of an enterprise/ organization, including planning, organizing, monitoring, leading, and controlling. 1.2 Management Perspectives and EducationMy perspective of business management is drawn from the definitions by Fredmund Malik and Henri Fayol.

The former viewed business management as the conversion of business resources into utility, while the latter observed that management entailed careful forecasting, planning, organization, commanding, coordination, and control (Wisner, Leong & Tan, 2011). Management encompasses the formulation of business strategies and coordinating the efforts of business workers/ volunteers in order to achieve the objectives of the business.

I have learned through studies and experience that these objectives are usually accomplished via the use of the resources that are available to the business, such as human, technological, natural, and financial resources. Knowledge of business management will also enable me to better comprehend the organizational structure (hierarchy) and social organization of my organization/ business as well as those of rival organizations in order to be able to withstand and weather competition.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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