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Appendix 19Can Green Energy Save The Environment In UK? AbstractIt cannot be said that there is consensus on whether green energy is the ultimate solution in saving the ecosystem as far as energy solution provisions are concerned. However, it has been established that green energy provides a better and safer source of energy than most conventional sources. Several advantages have been cited in relation to this form of energy from emission of less harmful substances like carbon dioxide to their economic viability as well as the ease to harness them.

Largely, green energy may be seen to give some sort of solution to this question. In the United Kingdom, efforts to utilize renewable energies have been greatly enhanced through polices and intermediary actions both by the government and the private sector. Although how far green energy may go in saving the environment may not be a question with a direct answer, this study will try to weigh some arguments that have been put forward in relation to green energy with a view of giving an opinion as to whether green energy can save the environment in UK. Introduction The use of green energy has been greatly advocated in the wake of several hazards that are associated with other sources of energy.

Given the challenges presented by other sources of energy, green energy has been preferred and developed in several ways. In the United Kingdom, the need for cleaner renewable energy has seen the rise of companies that endeavor to give green energy solutions. Several strides have been made over time towards popularizing green energy although there are still a set of challenges that face this sector.

By engaging in a discussion about the whole idea of green energy, , the developments that have been and the challenges that continue to face this form of energy, we may be able to understand whether it might be the ultimate solution to energy queries in the future. This topic becomes interesting to discuss in that energy matters remain central points of focus in almost all nations of the world. For the sake of this study, we will focus our discussion into answering the question of whether green energy can indeed save the environment in the United Kingdom. Understanding Green EnergyHuman activities are driven by some form of energy and this can be demonstrated by our body which requires some energy to function accordingly.

Similarly, the machinery that man uses from the simple home appliances to the heavy sophisticated industrial machines needs electricity or energy of some form in order to run appropriately. This energy may be from sources such as coal, petroleum and natural gas. However these sources of energy, now being referred to as traditional sources of energy, have been seen to present a combination of challenges to the living organisms, especially in regard to environmental hazards and general environment pollution.

In this respect, there has emerged what has come to be known as renewable energy, which is energy produced out of the natural sources like sunlight, wind, tide and rain. In other words, this form of energy is achieved by harnessing natural resources. Solar, wind and bio mass energies have become the most popular and perhaps the major sources of this renewable energy. It differs from the other sources of energy like fossils in a number of ways.

First, green energy is viewed as easy to tap. Unlike fuel that is sought from petroleum minerals, green energy may require just a bit of innovation to be able to tap and harness. This can be viewed from the technicality required in provision of hydro electricity. Solar energy for instance has been used widely especially in rural areas in places where hydro electricity has not been distributed. Wind energy is also another common type of green or renewable energy where wind moving at a given speed is taped and used for provision of energy for various uses.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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