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The paper "Green Management Matters" is a wonderful example of a Management Case Study.   The concept of management of the environment is one that is of great importance to every society. This concept has just only recently become a formal issue in most institutions but it is catching up fast (Florino, 2006). There is a need to conserve the environment by using and reusing resources wisely.   The green environment needs to be protected from toxins that are released into the environment and this is only possible if everyone makes deliberate efforts to ensure that water, air, energy, minerals and all the other resources that are used by man are used well and that they are recycled before they can be released to the environment.

In addition, organizations and corporations have to take up this responsibility and make deliberate efforts towards managing the green environment (Gladwin, 1993). In this way, it will be easy to manage the rates of pollution and ultimately the management of the green environment. Summary of the article The article draws the relationship between Economy, the society and economy, and tries to show how each is dependent on the environment.   The article draws a parallel between work issues and the management of the environment.

The environment and especially the green environment need to be protected. Companies and institutions need to put up measures to ensure the management of the green environment. This is only possible if they ensure that the waste that is emitted to the environment is not harmful through putting up measures to treat the wastes emitted by them before they are released back to society. In today’ s world, it is not possible to ignore the gravity of issues to do with green environment management.

Green environment management has become an issue that every organization has had to contend with. The managers in the various institutions have to come up with strategies to deal with the management of green management. They have to ensure that the resources are used well and that they are responsibly taken care of especially when disposing of. Resources that are limited such as air, water, energy, minerals should be available in the final product available to consumers.

The management of the green environment should, therefore, be a collective responsibility for it to succeed. Main environmental management concepts For sustainable development, green environmental managements of high importance, and in this regard measures have to be adopted (Ellington, 2006).   This adoption of various measures has to lead to coming up with many management concepts and ideas to deal with emerging issues. Such matters as shortages of water, disease, drought, education, human rights, and the inadequacy in the food supplies have to be addressed. However, some of these issues are not directly related to the management of the environment it is still important to address them to be able to deal with environmental issues (Marcus, 2005).   To ensure a healthy and more productive workforce the managers have to first put in place measures to ensure that the green environment is managed well and that this management is sustainable.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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