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AbstractThe purpose of this essay is to analyse the two theories concerning cultural earning and cultural change. This is about quality leadership so that one can understand the difference between the two approaches to visionary leadership. Cultural change emphasizes that the leaders role is to articulate and personify the values and standards that the organization aspires to do and then to inspire and motivate employees to follow how they lead. Cultural learning on the on other side, emphasizes that the role of a leader is more important is terms of participation and empowerment in order to foster moral immigration and autonomy.

Employees are thus encouraged to think independently, to make reasoned and responsive evaluations and choice for themselves. The essay then tries to critically analyse the issues surrounding each theory of leadership. IntroductionLeadership is a very delicate issue to deal with in a situation where there are many people to supervise and lead. Leadership traits form one of the things that people find difficult to achieve. There are many characteristics that such a person should have in order to lead others in a way that shows success in the business venture (Bartlett, Ihlen & May, 2011).

A leader is supposed to be emotionally intelligent, he is to have empathy, he is to be straightforward, and he is supposed to have social boldness and to have good decision-making skills indifferent situations. Leaders are supposed to depict many good characteristics that their followers can emulate. This is so because they are looked at as icons of the society from which much is expected. Leaders are supposed to be reforms oriented and are to show a good sense of direction and focus in whatever they do.

All these traits help to build confidence of the people in their leader. Example of leaders In real life, there have been several great leaders that showed a good sense of leadership. Abraham Lincoln is one great man that showed bravery in leading his people of the United States of America. During the American Civil wars, he was very strong in keeping his people together such that they did not break up into smaller groups. He also was very strong and ended slavery in the USA by signing the emancipation proclamation (Bartlett, Ihlen & May, 2011).

Lincoln depicts great leadership skills of determination in following up the issue of slavery. He also shows courage and persistence in dealing with most of the national wide issues. Another individual who has great history in leadership is Fidel Castro. Fidel leads the Cuban revolution with a lot of expertise and later becomes the prime Minister of Cuba. From his trait of persistence, Fidel become the president of Cuba for a very long time.

He evaded many catastrophes aimed at him and continued prospering as the president of Cuba. He shows major traits of prosperous leaders, that is endurance, hard work, determination and courage. Leadership as a matter of fact involves many things (Conger, 1990). One needs to be able to monitor all the resources and human labour he is in charge of so that they can work hand in hand in achieving the set goals. A leader should also be aggressive (Bartlett, Ihlen & May, 2011). This will help him in achieving goals that look to be very distant and difficult to achieve.

Achieving such goals will boost the teams’ morale and determination such that they will now be willing to tackle tasks that are even more difficult.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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