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The paper "The History of Greenwich Park " is a perfect example of finance and accounting coursework.   The history of Greenwich Park can be divided into three distinct eras (Greenwich Park, 2008). It was a community settlement until the 15th century when the Duke of Gloucester enclosed after inheriting the territory. Greenwich Park remained a treasured royal property for about 300 years. Mary, daughter of King James II donated the site for a naval hospital in the 18th century, setting the stage for the modern and ongoing era. Archaeology proves that today’ s Greenwich Park was inhabited from Roman times.

It was also used by other European invaders, such as the Danes and the Normans. Even today, some of the sites are at an elevation and afford an unrestricted view of vast tracts of the River Thames, key structures on its embankments, and other parts of East London. The Danes were the first to construct some primordial fortifications on the site, in recognition of its natural and strategic importance. However, it was left to the Normans to lay claim to this piece of land as a private territory, following which it gradually took on the hues of a royal estate and residence. The Greenwich Tower was the first major construction on the site commissioned by royalty.

This conception around 1433 became the nucleus of one of the world’ s most famous observatories. The Greenwich Observatory remains unchallenged to this day in terms of a standard for times zones across all longitudes. The greater royal family began to covet Greenwich Park, in recognition of its many attractions. King Henry VI’ s wife Mary not only seized the Manor but even renamed it the Placentia.

King Henry VIII upgraded the site to the status of a Palace. Greenwich Park was then known as the Palace of Placentia. King Henry VIII was the first Monarch to spend significant time at the site. He was betrothed twice here. He and some of his children were born here. A son died prematurely during adolescence. The 17th century saw the major evolution of the Manor into a Park. King James, I built a brick wall to delineate the boundaries and the estate in the most durable fashion.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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