Essays on Sports Funding and Sponsorship: Repair of Werribee Tennis Clubs Courts Case Study

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The paper "Sports Funding and Sponsorship: Repair of Werribee Tennis Club’ s Courts" is a perfect example of a finance and accounting case study.   The sports organization applying for funding is called Werribee Tennis Club (WTC). Located in Galvin Park in Werribee, Werribee Tennis Club has the sole goal of providing opportunities to enjoy tens for the people of Werribee. The current membership of WTC stands at 40 female members aged between 5 and 55 years and 25 male members within the same age bracket. Being in the social sector, WTC has always maintained an ethos for a friendly and social environment for people of all ages as well as people of all abilities. Of the many funding opportunities available from Sport and Recreation Victoria (SRV), WTC is interested in applying for the Community Facility Funding Program funded by the Victorian government.

This funding is aimed at helping WTC acquire funds to enable it to repair two of its clay tennis courts that are apparently dilapidated and need repair. This funding is definitely aimed at benefiting not only the members of WTC and the surrounding community at large, but will also immensely benefit the Victorian Government.

This sponsor – Sport and Recreation Victoria (SRV) – stands to benefit in the sense that whenever the sponsored i. e. WTC, in this case, carries out its activities, it has to acknowledge the funder in one way or the other. This acknowledgement shall come in various forms e. g. through the presentation of the logo of the funder on any publications that are related to the activity, any press releases, as well as other promotional materials. WTC will also acknowledge SRV by situating a billboard containing the sign and symbol of the Victorian Government at the site where the repair shall be done.

This in itself is enough promotion and endorsement for the funder, indicating the immense mutual benefits that both parties are going to get. Many stakeholders shall be part and parcel of this entire sport funding, the key of who are WTC, SRV, the people of Werribee, Tennis Australia, Tennis Victoria, and the City of Hobson Bay. Having engaged one of the local builders in Werribee, the repair for the two dilapidated clay tennis courts is estimated to cost approximately $50,000 for the whole repair, with each court taking about $25,000 to repair. Cover Letter The Community Facility Funding Program is essentially categorized into six main categories.

These categories are Better Pools, Major Facilities, Seasonal Pools, Minor Facilities, Soccer Facilities, and Planning; each category with its funding criteria. Having gone through the Program Guidelines for the fund, WTC seems to qualify for the category of Minor Facilities. In this category, the maximum funding goes up to $100,000, and this should be channelled towards developing or upgrading community sports and recreation facilities in Victoria.

This is commensurate with the $50,000 funding WTC requires to repair its two clay tennis courts that are apparently dilapidated. Additionally, the requirement that the applicant is a community sports and recreation facility in Victoria is met by WTC. The main goal of WTC is to provide opportunities that all people of Werribee can stand to benefit from. In its quest to achieve this goal, WTC engages itself in friendly and social activities that are aimed at improving the social and physical status of all people irrespective of their ages.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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