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The paper "Outsourcing Healthcare Decision" is an outstanding example of an essay on management. Freedom County's decision on outsourcing or internal provision of healthcare is an important aspect of ensuring cost efficiency, quality provision, and meeting the 8th amendment requirement for prisoner’ s safety and wellbeing. From the article, it is better to keep the healthcare function internally at the Freedom County jail and not outsource. The reasons include the inability of the private companies to provide the quality of service provided by the jail owing to differences in personnel tasked with meeting the needs of the employees.

The nurses at the jail have first-hand knowledge of the pain of the prisoners, and they aim at providing the best service. Outsourcing would compromise this as explained by Grace Chaudhary, the director of corrections health in Freedom County. The low staffing levels, denial of basic services to inmates, and poor quality service that resulted in Corizon Health Inc. facing investigation and censure depict the risks of outsourcing hence internal provision is better (Rosselli, March 1, 2015). The other reason for the internal provision of health service at the jail is the compassion attached to the provision of service at the jail.

The use of an example of a man who commits a crime after being offered parole for a cancer sickness to have the chance to return to prison and receive the healthcare service depicts the compassion in service delivery at the jail that cannot be replicated by a private organization that is mostly after profits. Outsourcing will present a challenge to the security and safety of the patients in terms of the possibility of private companies having employees who may smuggle dangerous substances to the prisoners in the form of treatment.

When there is a poor relationship between sheriffs and private healthcare personnel reaching, the prisoners will be a nightmare that could result in death or inefficiency. The success of outsourcing is anchored on having a perfect relationship between sheriffs and healthcare personnel, which is hard to achieve. Outsourcing does not ensure the efficient delivery of a saving of taxpayer money owing to the profit motive of private companies in healthcare provision for prisoners (AFSCME, 2014).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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