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The paper "Communities as Complex Systems" is a brilliant example of a term paper on management. System challenges are a common problem in most organizations. These challenges exist in a number of forms and varied complexities (Andrews. , et al, 2012; Tauzovic, 2012). The challenges may present themselves in part or the whole system. Whatever the size of the challenge, most of the time, the overall impacts may be felt in the final organizational outcome (Tauzovic. , et al, 2012). In such cases, strategic planning and decision making play major roles in providing solutions to these challenges (Boyd. , et al, 2013; Mintzberg & Lampel, 2012). The process of decision making entails a chain of activities that are geared towards understanding the problem and analyzing the decisions (Dess & Lumpkin, 2013).

Each of these processes involved in the chain serves to establish the best decision that meets organizational goals and objectives for the decision (Ackerman & Eden, 2011; Alkhafaji, 2011). As such, various criteria are used to analyze decision alternatives in order to establish the most effective and appropriate decision (Pearce & Robinson, 2013). This perspective paper uses the various decision-making processes in attempting to find a reliable solution for the Backward Shire Case Study conflict.

The process entails identification and analysis of the problem, providing solution alternatives, and analyzing the alternatives using various analysis methods. Eventually, the paper recommends the most suitable decision that would fully resolve the conflict, which, in this case, is less costly but most effective. As communities grow more complex, diversity means that situations in which values, belief systems, goals, and needs are at odds with one another will continue to increase.

This will result in situations of potential conflict (Yun-Gyung, et al. , 2011). Conflict is inherently common to human Society, originating from such aspects of life as economic differentiation, political organization, social change, cultural formation, and psychological development.


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