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A summary of the key features of the case study and the problematic it presents. The case in study is Scotia Insurance Company, where by its CEO has been involved in a securities fraud and has been sacked. The company is faced with the duty of hiring a new CEO. Arlyn a group human resource director who has served the company for a decade is faced with the responsibility of hiring a new CEO. The succession planning system could not be implemented because the successor too was sacked.

However, according to the group human resource director, the company needs changes and she is pondering over using her credibility to influence the senior team in implementing the most needed changes (Fryer, 2009, p. 33). Consequently, according to the group human resource director, the company needs a new kind of leader who will assist the company in gaining its lost cultural and ethical health. This person has to have unbiased ideas. Hoping to achieve this, the HRM discuss this with the chairman of the board with an aim of influencing him.

But the chairman of the board does not concur with her. To him, the firm needs a CEO that will be more reassuring to the customers and the employers and not one that will bring change. The HRM director herself regretted the strategy she has adopted (Fryer, 2009, p. 34). Let us examine a video on important trends in talent management and employee rewards hr technology today OPEN-http: //www. youtube. com/watch? v=cMYbdG-xIrQA synopsis of the advice provided by the expert opinions cited by the case studies According to Venessa Robinson who is the head of HR Practice Development at the Chartered institute for Personnel and Development (C1PD) in Manchester, UK, Human resources managers play important roles in ensuring change within the company by working with the senior team of the firm.

This is because it is the HR managers who are capabvle of seeing the need for change within the company and based on the case study, the HR has to play a crucial role in the appointment of the new CEO (Fryer, 2009, p. 34). Venessa Robinson adds that the situation at Scotia Company is not normal and ITS HR will have to work hard to gain the experience.

She further adds that group HR director of the Scotia Company fails to act as chief integrity officer; this is because despite being suspicious about the ousted CEO of the company, she was not prepared to discuss the same with both the nonexecutive and senior executive management. Additionally, she is not in a position to influence the decision of the senior players of the company due to the fact that she is not considered an equal member of the company’s recruitment team.

For instance, the board chairman points out that despite her recommending the candidates she will not be one of the key decision makers. According to the HR experts’ advice, Arlyn as the company’s HR director placed herself in a fix by meeting the board chairman alone and not the whole board. Hence, she has to think her strategies carefully in presenting the case to the senior team. One of the strategies she can apply is collect more evidence on the importance of the company adopting change and this can only be possible if she comes up with hard data (Fryer, 2009, p.


Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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