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Introduction The proposal is to develop a modern contemporary restaurant reflecting an up market and providing Australian style of cuisine for its guest in the Bonard Hotel. The Bonard Hotel is a five star hotel located in Brisbane area. The hotel has extensive F& B operation outlets comprising of Buffet Restaurant, Shen Room, Nishi-Azabu and Pool Side Cafe. However, rising demand from hotel guests and the local residents has been experienced due to the fact that customers are requesting a dining experience from an up market style restaurant with Australian flavours. In order to meet the needs of more potential customers and fill the gap in the market, the Bonard's board of directors decided to develop another restaurant and believed this project could have a competitive advantage against similar style hotels. The project is to concentrate on developing four aspects of new restaurant: a description of the restaurant concept, a new creation of A La Carte menu and suitable wine list, a layout of the food service area and product and sevice quality systems for the implementation within the restaurant. Description of the ConceptBonard Hotel is one of the world’s 100 tallest hotels at 145m (475ft).

As for the exterior of the Bonard Hotel building, it is a roundness skyscraper that provides a good condition for constructing a modern revolving restaurant as a competitive advantage against similar style hotels. It will be located on 75th floor while the Pool Side Café is located at the roof top pool and the name of it is proposed to be 'Skyline on 75' because it is supposed to be located on the 75th floor with 360 degree uninterrupted views of the city skyline, this spectacular restaurant will be one of the finest dining restaurants in Brisbane for lunch or dinner.

The restaurant will provide a revolving journey in two hours, with culinary delights from contemporary Australian cuisine prepared from show kitchens before customers' eyes by talented chefs. This restaurant will open seven days a week for lunch and dinner in terms of its A La Carte service. There has not been any necessity to provide breakfast in that the Buffet Restaurant and Pool Side Cafe have been getting into business hours in every morning. Australian cuisine has the most diverse range, quality, and inventiveness than many others in the world.

Today Australia food is rich, tasty, very diverse and based on fresh ingredients. Amongst these fresh ingredients based on regional produce, seafood is a prominent staple food due to Australia's long coastline. Australia's 11 million square kilometre fishing zone is the third largest in the world and allows for bountiful access to seafood which significantly influences Australian cuisine. Clean ocean environments around Australia produce high quality seafoods for domestic consumption and export (Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, 2011).

Gaps in the market are always a good place to start when considering the concept we wish to develop in a particular area (Davis et al. , 2008, p. 119). There are few restaurants themed with seafood from a particular cuisine in five star hotels in Brisbane yet. Most local residents live close to the coast and have ready access to high quality seafood restaurants, and what is more the hotel guests or other travelers from domestic or international tourism market are expecting to experience Australia dominated aquaculture with contemporary Australian flavours which features Australian cuisine.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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