Essays on Operations Management - Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited Case Study

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The paper 'Operations Management - Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited" is a good example of a management case study. Top performing organizations in different markets such as Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited and Unilever have exceptional operations management strategies that enable the organizations to produce quality products and services for their clients. Indeed Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited has gained so much from its exceptional operational management and utilization of available sources. The main inputs of the organization are water, fresh milk, ingredients, flavors, and human resources that are involved in the value-adding transformational process in order to produce quality outputs that are dairy products, cheese, butter, and ice cream.

The organization faces stiff competition from other dairy companies in Australia but has strategies in place such product diversification, differentiation among others to counter this competition. Introduction Operation management basically deals with the design and the management of organization’ s products, supply chains, services and processes and also considers acquisition, development and the utilization of resources needed within an organization for it delivers goods and services that can fully meet needs of its customers (Kumar, Massie, and Dumonceaux, 2006).

Due to the high growth of globalization and international trade, competition in the market is high due to the existence of so many firms offering the same products and goods in the whole world. This competition has forced firms to come up with effective competitive advantages to compete in their respective market exceptionally well and meet their objectives and goals. An effective operations management system is one of the competitive advantages that are being used by organizations to compete (Ajzen, 2001). In most cases, top-performing organizations in different markets such as Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited and Unilever have exceptional operations management strategies that enable the organizations to produce quality products and services for their clients.

These organizations have highly skilled operations managers and a team that utilizes their innovativeness and creativity to develop outstanding operations methods that deliver the expected results. In this report, the researcher will attempt to analyze and explain the inputs, value-adding transformation processes, outputs, strategy, and competitive setting, designing the operating system, managing supply chain, and ensuring quality with respect to Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited.


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