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The paper "Mountine Vitamin Watere - Marketing Forecast" is an outstanding example of a marketing case study. Mountine Vitamin Watere which is looking towards launching a new health drink which is rich in vitamin should look towards the different areas which will help them to ensure that the product is accepted by the people of Jordan & Dubai. The report presents a business plan for the same where it highlights that Mountine Vitamin Watere should go ahead and launch their product. This is based on the finding that Jordan & Dubai presents an opportunity because of rising population and a high GDP.

This is further substantiated by the fact that disposable income is also rising. Further, increasing concern towards health consciousness and obesity provides an opportunity for Mountine Vitamin Watere to ensure that they are successful. The financial analysis depicts that Mountine Vitamin Watere can go ahead with their launch as the product is profitable and ensure an ROI of more than 42%. Further, even if Mountine Vitamin Watere is able to sell 50% of the forecasted sale the firm will be able to recover its cost.

This makes it important that Mountine Vitamin Watere looks towards proper marketing strategy and the business has looked towards print, audio, video and billboards as a source of advertising. Also using the internet through the development of their website and use of Facebook will ensure that Mountine Vitamin Watere is able to satisfy customers. Thus, various factors support the launch of the health drink Mountine Vitamin Watere and being able to manage the resources properly will ensure that the correct target customer is aimed at which will help the business to earn higher profits. Introduction Businesses all around the world are looking to understand the market scenario and develop new products that help to develop the product line.

The importance of developing new products and satisfying consumer wants grows in the case of the health industry as consumers are becoming educated and have increased their awareness concerning health.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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