Essays on Establishing Fast Food Chain Stores - a Proposal to Hiroaki Aoki Business Plan

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The paper “ Establishing Fast Food Chain Stores - a Proposal to Hiroaki Aoki” is a well-turned example of the business plan on management. This proposal suggests a potential venture in the Fast Food business for Benihana. The proposed project entails launching a chain of fast food stores in different regions in the United States. Recognizing the quick growth and development of Benihana restaurants in the US, Benihana Fast Food Stores will quickly gain acceptance and attract customer preference (See Appendix 1). Having established a quality brand under a powerful mantra: My Kitchen is Your Table, Benihana has not only been able to attract Japanese customers but customers from diverse nationalities (Bagozzi et al. , 2014).

This is because of the strategic study of the food behaviors of the different people living in the US. As such the restaurants, despite specializing in the Teriyaki style of Japanese cooking has grown popular in the US. The restaurant has been able to establish itself under strong management principles and philosophies to compete effectively in highly competitive hotel industry. Benihana restaurants, popularly known as the Benihana of Tokyo train the chefs through the Benihana Colleges, who eventually become key to the success of the restaurant.

The staffs specialize in the preparation of Japanese meals in the Benihana style of cooking, hence sustaining a strategic identity. Most of the staff is comprised of Japanese natives trained in communication in English and American cultures thus fitting it into the operations. In line with this operation, this proposal suggests venturing into the Fast Foods business. Fast food stores are on the increase in the US. Counihan & Van Esterik (2013) point out that food stores and restaurant businesses will always do great since people will always need to eat.

The overall success of this business venture will however depend on the quality of service, taste-appeal of the delicacies, and the suitability to the food behavior of consumers (Angell et al. , 2012). Going by this, Benihana Fast Food stores are guaranteed ready market and customer preference. This is because of the quality of service offered wonderful tasting delicacies and the ability to adjust meal preparations according to consumer needs.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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