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Group report Introduction The Japanese consumer is very dynamic and sophisticated. Marketing is a key management function often charged with guaranteeing the success of a business. The hotel industry, in particular, needs a strategy which will guarantee customer retention. The key objectives of the marketers at the Crepe restaurant will include sustaining and growing the market by striving to increase the restaurant’s presence in amongst Japanese clients. Key among the tools marketers use include the marketing mix, which outlines a series of elements, which influence the process of determining and accessing a target market for the marketers.

In evaluating the target market, demographics such as location, age, gender, and even the sex of the consumers will be analyzed. In this context, the marketers will carry out extensive marketing activities as they strive to achieve the company’s profitability objective. Aspects of market segmentation as well as distribution of populations in the targeted area are important in coming up with the right business strategy. The report discusses the right business strategies to use in anticipating the growth of the business. Media Then most important media for the target media would be radio.

The Japanese market is segmented; every niche in the market has its radio preference. This will be exploited by the business. The costs of radio vary depending on the station. In addition, the advertisements are charged based on the show that they are promoted in. The business will target the most listened to program to reach as many people as possible. The Internet and social media are important platforms for accessing information in Japan. Based on this, social media can be used as part of the marketing strategy.

The main media is print, radio, and television. These reach a larger audience. Sales and promotion can be done on print media. Product promotion is among the key components of the marketing mix (Zarrella 32). The invention of new media revolutionized marketing especially with the introduction of the social media. Such social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have billions of users which makes them the most appropriate marketing tools in the contemporary society. The social media provide marketers with the abilities to interact with their target audience.

As such, the sites are useful in carrying out effective market researches and in carrying out public relations which are marketing strategies. Among the advantages of using social media in marketing is the lost cost of marketing and the interactivity the media presents. Using the social media reduces the cost of advertising while promising a large target audience. Conclusion In retrospect, marketing is a vital function of the management since it influences the productivity of a business. For the restaurant, the right tools will enable the segmentation of the market as well as analyzing imminent competition.

In doing this, the demographics of the consumers would be assessed as well. The Japanese market is dynamic but it creates a good niche for the hotel business. Marketers monitor the trends of supply and demand. The Economic statistics of the region are quite helpful in assessing this. Besides, the distribution laws of the country have to be adhered to. Such are costly endeavors that require adequate financing (Sheth, David and Dennis 43). Developing television, radio and newspaper adverts are among methods of promoting a product.

All these will be applied for the restaurant to grow. Works cited Sheth, Jagdish N, David M. Gardner, and Dennis E. Garrett. Marketing Theory: Evolution and Evaluation. New York; Toronto: J. Wiley, 1988. Print. Zarrella, Dan. The Social Media Marketing Book. Beijing: OReilly, 2010. Internet resource.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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