Essays on The Australian Ballet Marketing Plan Assignment

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The paper "The Australian Ballet Marketing Plan" is a wonderful example of an assignment on marketing.   The Australian ballet is one of the largest ballet companies in Australia and around the world. The company was founded in 1962 and has been the defining face of ballet in Australia and around the world for more than five decades. The company presents a broad range of traditional and modern repertoire of classical ballet from Australia and around the world (Whiteoak, 2003). The Australian ballet manages to stage around 200 performances annually in Australia and many other international performances around the world.

The company acts as an international ambassador of Australian culture in the world and an advocate of Australian culture at home (The Australian Ballet 2011).   The company has around 70 dancers on a full-time ensemble, and artistic staff, and a supporting cast. The artists and dancers of the Australian ballet share openness about their love of audiences and a variety of dancing techniques that make the company earn acclaim from its audiences (Vida, 2011). Today, the Australian ballet has become more diverse in the variety of ballet and dances it offers.

The company incorporates dances and music teachers from China, Sweden, Asia, America, and Europe. The Australian ballet is, therefore, a company attuned to its place and time in the world (The Australian Ballet, 2011). Situation analysis.   Although the Australian ballet has enjoyed tremendous success over the decades, the 21st century has proved a challenging time for the company. Although ballet is quite popular among all the age groups in Australia, The emergence of many entertainment options in the modern world mean that the company has to compete with other entertainment options for audiences (Milne, 2010) The emergence of entertainment options like social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, mean that the Australian ballet has to compete significantly with these and other entertainment options for audiences (The Australian Ballet (2011).

Responding to the competition is one of the hallmarks of a successful company (Steven, 2008). The Australian ballet has to respond effectively to competition to remain relevant in the highly competitive market of entertainment.   The Emergence of poor time consumers also means that the Australian ballet has to rethink its marketing strategies to remain relevant in a changing world (The Australian Ballet, 2011).

The modern audience has very little time for live performances because of very tight schedules and many entertainment options available today. The Australian ballet intends to maintain itself as a top-notch provider of entertainment and dance through the implementation of this marketing plan. This marketing plan will ensure that it is still able to capture new audiences, more patrons and more sponsorship for its events.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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