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What did you learn about yourself through the group activity? Working in a group is not my preferred choice, because it is very difficult to work among people where the mind-set of each individual is different. The priority of the course may not be the same for each individual and, as a result, the whole group can suffer from one irresponsible individual. This group activity has helped me to realize that I can be a part of the group, but I have to improve my communication skills and play a more active role inside the group. What did you contribute to your team? In my group, I individual did not make any decisions alone or independently.

It was a ten minutes team activity and hence we did not have much time to think and discuss. Thus, the decision was taken by a vote. I encouraged other members to contribute their ideas, but at the same time put away their difference and came to a common goal. The decision was anonymous and all the team members contributed to the team by assembling and becoming part of it.

Everyone respected the other person’s idea and created a democratic atmosphere. Which are your weaknesses in term of group work? One of my biggest weaknesses in terms of working as a team is communication. When I have to speak in front of the class or in front of a group, I tend to be nervous. I usually avoid making speeches or communicating with others as I tend to concentrate more on my weaknesses rather than on the information that I have to share. Because of this fear, I often try to make that moment shorter by talking much faster than usual.

As I am not a native speaker, I am not comfortable communicating with others. During the recent years I have developed these kind of habits which has led to many misunderstanding and defective communication. This problem occurred during the group work, as my team members could not fully understand me. They hesitated to ask the part that they do not understand and I was too nervous to voice my opinion because of my limited communication skills.

I felt that my team members picked up the fact that the activity was overwhelming for me from my body language and facial expressions. They did not want to enforce me but acted gently because they understood. How will you address your weaknesses in future? After the group activity I came to realize that I need to build on my communication and my listening skills as it posed a big challenge for me. I will try to gain more confidence in myself and improve my body language. I will also immerse myself in the culture and be more active by reading a lot and watching and listening to others in conversation.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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