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Words: 4422Executive SummaryThe objective of the paper is to analyse the role and benefits of GS1 system in supply chain management. GS1 is an international non-profit organization that has developed and maintained visibility in supply chain management in a sustainable way. The case study attempts to look into and analyse some of the standards offered by the system sustains supply chain in an effective way. It analyses the formation of the system, the standards it applies, products and customers, the business partners and the benefits it brings to the supply chain as a unit.

The data for analysis is from literature from books, journals and company websites. The recommendation and conclusion on the role of the GS1 system is finally provided at the end of the paper. IntroductionStandard are agreements that structure any activity or organizational operations in an industry. They can comprise of rules or guidelines that all the members of an organization are adhering to. Their operations may be determined by the way they get implemented in that particular economic sector either for classification, description or measuring of products and services.

Standards are very crucial for the very survival of businesses globally in that they help in choosing and ordering goods and services in the market. Without standards products acquisition would meet, a number of barriers and challenges to the individuals not present during transactions. Unique identifierThese are generic and simple data used in multi sector and for international supply chain applications. It consists of two or more digits encoded in the data carrier in a format that is specific to each of the products. Difference of physical supply chain and logical supply chainImportance of global standards for electronic business messaging They enable faster and effective communication of accurate information between parties.

The shared information is equally reliable and communication is uniform despite the global location of the involved parties. Global Trade Item Numbers This forms one of the building standards of the GS1 system. It has a unique application for products and services with prices, invoiced products, whether at the checkout or in the warehouse wherever they are along the supply chain. They have a provision of electronic catalogue that is unique and specific to each king of goods and services along the supply chain of operations. Electronic Product Codes are standards that enable businesses to respond to challenges of globalised supply chain.

This is majorly through enhancement of efficiency and improvement of efficiency. Data Matrixes and QR codeData matrix need use and implementation in an open system where supplier can mark the products with knowledge that recipient is a in a position to correctly interpret the information. It is important to avoid cases of supplier and consumer relabeling the products for different consumers from different sectors of the consumer chains. Role of GDSN and EPC globalGDSN has the role of enabling companies that are either partners or doing related business to possess similar information in their systems.

In case of a change carried by one company is directly communicated to the other partner doing business with one of the companies. Up-to date and comprehensively communicated information between companies help in management by consumers and businesses to enhance efficiency and accuracy in handling of products. Brand owners have the advantage of getting products into the market more easily and marketing with marketing enhancement.

The focus of this approach is provision of traceability mechanisms to the items in transit.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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