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The paper "Halfords Bicycle Marketing Strategy Plan" is a perfect example of a case study on marketing. Fredrick Rushbrooke established Halfords Bicycle Group in the late 1800s in Birmingham in the United Kingdom, dealing with large-scale production and sale of ironmongery. In the 1940s, the company bought the Birmingham Bicycle Company (Halfords Bicycle, 2010). The firm presently is a market leader in selling car accessories, mobility aids, vehicle enhancements, toys, and child seats, SatNav, fixing car audios, mixing paints, vehicle part fitting, and bicycles. It has branches in Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands and in the Czech Republic.

Halfords has floated its shares in (LSE) London Stock Exchange market. In the production and delivery of bicycles, the firm commonly makes use of the brand name Bikehut and Apollo (Wallace & Wallace 2001). This report seeks to highlight the marketing strategies at Halfords and their marketing objectives, target markets, and product offering (Hiebing, Hiebing, and Cooper, 2004). In addition, the report will analyze Halfords’ product offering, product or brand positioning, marketing strategies or the marketing mix and implementation and control.

The report will also present a budget necessarily for implementation and control. Halfords’ SWOT analysis Strengths Halfords Company has been in business for more than a century; hence have a competitive edge as a first-mover market firm. They are specialized in what they do and offer an array of bicycles, which are satisfactory across their customer segmentation. The firm has the resources to expand and modify its production and sale of mountaineering and camping pieces of equipment. Weaknesses Halfords Company as a market leader in the United Kingdom has its weakness. Among its weakness is its limited distribution network globally. The company has only branches in the United Kingdom and Europe alone.

This, therefore, minimizes Halfords market share necessary to increase its profitability. Opportunities There are opportunities in the market in which Halfords as a brand can capitalize on. This includes expanding its supply chain management in global economies such as in the United States, Asia and the larger part of Europe where they have not established camp. Threats Among threats facing Halfords is the entry of new competitors in the market. Currently, the firm’ s major competitors are companies they specialize in either of production that Halfords deals with which is Motor and bicycle parts and accessories. Halfords Bicycle marketing Objectives Halfords as a company that deals in a vehicle and bicycle parts and accessories have sponsored a car racing team and Team Halfords Bikehut biking team, which is under the leadership of Cooke Nicole, the first British woman, Olympic gold medalist in road racing.

The company registered annual income revenue of more than 800 million pounds in the year 2009, an annual profit of more than fifty-five million pounds with an operating income of more than a hundred million pounds.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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