Essays on Hallmark Event, Roswell UFO Festival Assignment

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The paper "Hallmark Event, Roswell UFO Festival " is an outstanding example of a business assignment. When the Roswell UFO festival was announced, it was clear according to some individuals that it will be able to boast the net revenues of the tourism industry. Additionally, there have also been some articles that have been written about the fact that the Roswell UFO festival serves to bring dollars to the Roswell tourism industry. However, some people have wondered how exactly this festival will be able to improve the net revenues of the tourism industry most especially given the fact that for the UFO festival to be a success, it needs a high level of investment as far as capital is concerned.

In other words, Roswell City invests a high level of capital and resources annually in order to make the festival success with hope and assumption that the high number of UFO enthusiasts globally will be willing and able to attend the festival which will amount to approximately 10000 individuals travelling in from around the globe. In simple terms, in so doing, the Roswell UFO festival is able to improve the level of Roswell’ s tourism income because it plays a very crucial role in ensuring that people around the globe are attracted to the city through its marketing alien-themed strategy by the business community and Roswell City at large. Some people have reservations about the UFO festival because it is argued that the story of the entire myth behind it has numerous holes.

Additionally, the UFO festival debate among many seems endless most especially because there has been no conclusive evidence of any alien-like feature in the events that happened in 1947 which made the entire news nothing less than a footnote in global history.

Besides, the interviews conducted later by Friedman produced many conspiracy doubts and opinions which have made so many people be more reserved about the UFO festival. However, the debate seems to have no end because there are so many other individuals who believe that the UFO festival myths still lives on hence making so many tourists around the world to visit Roswell city annually.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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