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The paper 'Hallmark Events ' is a wonderful example of a Management Assignment. Event portfolios can be defined as a strategic tool that defines the grouping of a conglomerate of interrelated events with emphasis on the resources, themes, and markets available. This strategy just outlines the series of events to be engaged in the hallmark event, their interrelatedness, and the scope. The first step is events research. Here the management team conducts a need assessment as well as feasibility studies so as to identify and prioritize goals. Additionally, it is in this step that the management is able to identify and resolve the looming problems for a successful event.

Strengths, Weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the events are also analyzed at this stage. The basis of the feasibility study is then outlined and presented in writing. The next step is the event design phase where the planning committee has the mandate to come up with ideas on how to develop the event it is based on the results of the first phase earlier discussed. The next phase is the event planning where the committee generally leverages on the outcomes of the two phases to come up with a working idea that will roll out the event to success.

The available resources are assigned to various staff and volunteers and their duties outlined. The timeline of the event and the sub-events are outlined therein. The planning committee also reviews and updates the budget as well as identify the various stakeholders required and define their roles. This is the most critical stage in the events portfolio and needs a lot of consultations for the sustainability and success of a hallmark event.

The coordination of the event is then outlined. The planners outline where and when the receipts will be available and at what cost and every other coordination activities. The next phase is post evaluation of the event that takes place after the event to determine and rate its success. This can either be formal or informal. Lastly, there is the gap analysis to pave way for future events of a similar order. Destinations should adopt this strategy because it helps in the sustainability of the events and also helps in planning as well as budgeting for the event.

It is also a form of marketing the destination as tourists are able to keep track of the past success of the event and attend.   What do you see as the destination image of the Gold Coast? What sort of events do you see as fitting that image? Why would the Gold Coast want to repackage itself as having a more arts and culture-based image through the Bleach Festival? Gold Coast is one of Australia's Premier Holiday destinations.

The place has a fame for its beaches, surf theme parks, shopping, nightlife, and hinterland and has been attracting families across Australia for a number of decades until now. The image destination of the Gold Coast is that it is a family-friendly and fun place in the world based on the accommodation facilities, the landscape, and the weather. A number of corresponding events fit this place including sports events such as surfing, squash, women’ s football, biking, swimming, and a beach ball. There are also corporate events that can be held in God Coast such as team building and corporate parties.

Foods and drinks exhibitions bore in the history of the Australian winemaking industry that has been there for decades now. Arts events such as the circus. There are also art festivals where music, language, art, and dance, as well as storytelling and bush cooking, is displayed for the tourist. Additionally, the image also suits cultural display in songs and music.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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